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Shhhhh. Can you hear it? It's the sound of Storm Troopers trudging rhythmically to the Imperial March. They invade the farthest reaches of your mind and creep into the soul of your inner sanctum. Feel the Force grow within you as you steep the Dark Side of your tea with your very own, stainless steel, Lucasfilm official collectible, Death Star Infuser.

Contemplate which side of the Force you are on or hold the fate of the galaxy in delicate balance. The power grows within as you Grip the Tie Fighter handle to plunge the Imperial leaf, encased in the star itself, with rebellious fervor into the depths of a steamy cup. Dare to surrender unto the burgeoning desire that is the Dark Side. Consume you it will as you sip tea like a proper Sith lord should.

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Jan W

Minnesota, United States •

Since 2004, Jan has written content in a variety of contexts, including web and social media content, blogs, reviews, and screenplays. Jan was the Editor for Citations, which is a monthly newsletter published electronically to a large audience of legal professionals. She has also edited website content for a law firm, a realtor, a local band, Werner Elements and InstaKyle, and created, enhanced and manipulated images for another attorney’s website and his choir-related newsletter. Additionally, she also wrote a persuasive essay on behalf of an attorney who nominated her for the Outstanding Paralegal of the Year Award, which she ultimately received in 2014. Jan holds an A.S. in paralegal studies, a B.A. in philosophy, and will complete an M.F.A. in creative writing in September 2016. She also won two scholarship awards for her essays ...

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