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The cold and flu season is fast approaching, and now is the time to begin your preparations. There are four main ways to endure that your immune system is functioning at its best: proper rest (8-10 hours each night), proper exercise (three hours per week), proper hydration (32 oz. of WATER each day) and the topic we will discuss here proper nutrition. Your body is a temple, and every temple has a strong foundation. Bearing this in mind, you want to make sure that your nutrition plan includes the staples: fruits, veggies and lean proteins (chicken, turkey, fish and lean beef or venison). Nutrition experts recommend three servings of both fruits and vegetables every day. The important thing to remember when preparing veggies is to not overcook them, or you'll loose the majority of their nutritional value. In addition to the fundamentals, you may want to incorporate these tried and true immune-boosting foods into your diet: Sauerkraut - it has been known for generations to help boost your immune system as well as regulate blood sugar. Pickled veggies - cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, you name it! You need veggies anyway and getting them in this form will increase your immune function that much more. Apple cider vinegar - one teaspoon a day during the flu season will help to boost your immune response. Cranberries - either raw or in a juice form will suffice. These powerful berries pack 25% more vitamin C than orange juice, and also offer up plenty of antioxidants to eliminate immune-weakening free radicals. By sticking to the basics and following good hygiene, you and your loved ones can drastically reduce the risk and severity of a viral outbreak this coming season.

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