Pole Fishing in Bermuda

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Pole fishing for many is a primeval way to fish which dates back to the days of primitive man. The fisherman must get physically close to the fish to successfully spear it. The crystal clear waters off the coast of Bermuda offer the ideal place for you to pole fish. You can fish in the region using a pole spear, but you can't use a spear gun. Fish Types The best time for fishing around Bermuda begins in May and continues into November, with peak fishing occurring in May and June. The water swarms with yellowfin tuna and wahoo from May to June. From mid-summer to fall, you will see an abundance of barracuda, dolphin fish, shark varieties, amberjacks and blue or white marlin. You may also catch blackfin tuna, snapper, rockfish and rainbow runners. During peak months, the fish congregate off the coastline, but become less prolific when winter arrives. You can see the occasional bonefish, tuna or wahoos when the waters begin to cool. Regulations You are allowed to pole fish year 'round in the waters around Bermuda, but, according to the Bermuda Attractions website, not more than two of the same type of fish can be caught within a 24-hour period when pole fishing. Fishing with a pole cannot take place on the shore or next to the coastline. Pole fishing must take place at least one mile off the coastline. It is illegal to pole fish closer to the shoreline, according to Bermuda 4U. Commercial Boats Fishing in Bermuda is taken quite seriously. You can choose from a wide array of charter boats that are led by seasoned skippers and can choose half-day or full-day outings. Commercial fishing excursions give you the advantage because the crews are usually experienced and know exactly where to find the largest population of fish. They also know the safest areas. You do not need a license to fish if you take a charter boat out because the boat's commercial fishing license will cover you. Local Fishing Outlets You can rent pole spears and other fishing tackle from local fishing outlets. Most allow you to rent equipment by the day or week. Commercial charter fishing boats have all the equipment you will need to pole fish. You can also rent small fishing boats from local fishing outlets for half- or full-day excursions. You can contact the Bermuda Sport Fishing Association (no website; Creek View House, 8 Tulo Lane, Pembroke HM 02, Bermuda; 441-295-2370) for more information on local charter boats, boat rentals and tack rental.

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