Pink: The Bridge Between Glam-Rock and R&B

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Pink: The Bridge Between Glam-Rock and R&B

Fusing R&B style with the high-energy glam of female pop stardom, Pink is a powerful female vocalist who performs jaw-dropping aerial acrobatics. She’s also an outspoken fighter for LGBTQ rights, a passionate animal-rights activist, and a humanitarian involved with numerous charities.

Credited with pushing the envelope of what female pop musicians were “supposed” to express, critics celebrate Pink for sticking to her guns in the face of industry pressure to bridle her unconventional spunk. Her fearless innovation has broken ground for the brilliant careers of artists like Lady Gaga and Katy Perry.

Pink's History: The Making of a Legend

Pink was on Sept. 8, 1979, in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. Her mother was a Jewish nurse, and her father was a Catholic insurance salesman; she describes herself as an "Irish-German-Lithuanian-Jew.” Before adopting the world-famous moniker, Pink, her given name was Alecia Beth Moore.

Her music career began at the tender age of 13. By 14, she was performing weekly at a Philadelphia nightclub, mastering her powerful voice and refining her explosive, trademark dance style. By 15, she had fallen into trouble with drugs and small crime. Although she dropped out of high school, Pink earned her GED in 1998, and the music industry couldn’t get enough of her raw talent.

“Pink” has been Alecia Beth's namesake since her early performance years as a teenager. Although it was initially a nickname intended to poke fun at her unusual personality, Pink transformed the label into a highly successful stage name that's taken her to the heights fame.

Over the course of her career, Pink solidified a style that fuses R&B, edgy pop, rock with an unconventional spunkiness that we can only describe as "P!NK." She says her greatest musical influences were Janis Joplin and Madonna. In 2000, with the release of her first solo album, Can't Take Me Home, Pink’s breakout songs, “You Make Me Sick” and “There You Go,” brought her into the limelight. In 2002, she rose to global superstar status with her contributions to the Moulin Rouge soundtrack.

A solid record of musical success

Pink’s wildly successful music tours include What About Us, 2017, The Truth About Love Tour, 2013-2014, The Funhouse Summer Carnival, 2010, Funhouse Tour, 2009, I’m Not Dead Tour, 2006-2007, Try This Tour, 2004, and Party Tour, 2002.

As one of the most trailblazing pop artist of her generation, Pink has sold more than 47 million albums worldwide, and she was Britain’s second-most listened to female vocalist throughout the 2000’s after Madonna. After skyrocketing to the top of the Billboard 200 chart, Pink's critically acclaimed 2012 album, The Truth About Love, earned a Grammy nomination for Best Pop Vocal Album. Pink also received the Woman of the Year award from Billboard in 2013 and she boasts countless other accolades across her wide-reaching rock career.

Pink's Most Recent Tour: Pink Live

Watching Pink live is an experience of a lifetime. Pink’s legendary shows are notorious for strong female vocals, intrepid stunts and mind-blowing dance routines that leave audiences booming with excitement. The raw energy is infectious. Fans are jumping, singing and screaming with a feeling of full-body entertainment.

You don't want to miss the chance to see Pink. Popstar Adele saw her when she was a teenager and described the concert as one of her most defining moments in her life. Adele said,

“I remember sort of feeling like I was in a wind tunnel, her voice just hitting me. It was incredible.”

Learn more about Pink and her recent albums and tours on Twitter at @Pink, and on her website at

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