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Party pick-me-ups

Feeling a bit partied out and ready to just curl up with Netflix and a mug of hot chocolate? Our beauty picks this month will soon have you back on your feet and ready to hit the town.

First up, Urban Veda's Radiance Body Ritual collection. Just opening the drawstring bag is a treat. The products all smell amazing – they're packed with nourishing, fragrant ingredients, including orange oil, turmeric and papaya, so it's like breathing in the scent of holidays. With a body scrub, body wash and body lotion, you just need to light a candle to create a home spa experience. And they really do leave your skin and spirits feeling rejuvenated. £34.99,

Looking to get some of that summer glow back? Green People's Self-Tan , £21, is one of the best fake tans on the market. It's easy to apply, and develops into a natural looking tan within three hours. As an added bonus, it doesn't have that typical fake tan smell, and it contains rosehip oil to moisturise as it tans. As with any fake tan, you'll want to leave at least 24 hours between hair removal and application. It's also a good idea to exfoliate with a good body scrub beforehand. Massage in a light body lotion, and give it time to sink in. Then work some extra moisturiser into your knees, elbows and other 'knobbly' bits, to help avoid darker patches.

If your hair is looking a bit frazzled and fed up with all that styling, try treating it to an Ouai Treatment Masque. It takes just 10 minutes for the treatment to soothe and restore your weary locks, leaving them smoother and shinier after just one use. A pack of eight sachets will set you back £25, so it's not cheap, but worth having in your beauty arsenal for big nights out.

I don't know whether the eyes truly are the windows to the soul, but they're certainly a tattle tale when it comes to late nights. Try Anatomicals Puffy the Eye Bag Slayer Wake Up Under Eye Patches. Three pairs cost around £6 from Amazon or They feel incredibly soothing, and do seem to reduce swelling in just half an hour. Cover up any remaining dark circles with Dry Eye Concealer , £11.95, from the While the coverage isn't quite as flawless as some concealers, it makes up for it by helping to moisturise and repair skin. It also goes on smoothly and doesn't draw attention to fine lines, puffy eyes or dry skin. You can also use the Dry Eye Concealer to calm and cover small patches of eczema and other areas of irritation.

Sometimes a spritz of perfume is all you need to perk yourself up before pulling on your heels. Jo Malone are known for their quirky fragrance combinations, and their latest cologne, Basil and Neroli , is no different. It's got that lovely freshness of neroli, with a herby twist. Playful and warm, the fragrance just seems to improve as the night goes on. Expect plenty of compliments. £43 for 30ml,

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