Paintings on the Wall: Hanging Photos and Art Without Nails

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Hanging pictures or art on a wall does not have to include nails and hammers. We have a few suggestions for getting it done, but before you do, nails and hammers or not, you must make a plan. Take some measurements and visualize what you want; the layout of pictures, paintings, or whatever else you want to decorate your wall with, needs to be strategically placed. Planning will save you time, energy, and wasted materials.

Let's get to our options:

  1. Hang it from the molding! Many older apartments and homes have molding, get some hooks, decorative wire, and hang your paintings from on high. If you don't have molding, you can use a picture rail.

  2. Put it on the mantle! Does the room have a mantle, a ledge, or built-in shelves? Use them to display your art and pictures wall damage free. If you don't have them, you can get something to put them on like a dresser, bookshelves, credenza, or even a ladder or an easel.

  3. Stick it to the wall! Command strips (besides nails and hammers) are the most common way people decorate their walls with pictures and paintings. It's typically fast and leaves your wall undamaged except for an occasional paint touch up. Other options are velcro, office clips, and washi tape. These latter options are particularly useful for those who want to change their display often. Make sure you check the weight on command strips, especially when handling glass.

  4. Make or buy a picture grid! A picture grid can be a part of the whole artistic experience; it can act as an elaborate picture frame. Use metal pieces or wood to make it, then paint it or leave it as is. Stand it behind a couch, bed, or in front of a plain wall, add your pictures and art with clips or adhesive strips (refer to #3). Make sure to calculate dimensions as well as the weight of the artwork you will put on it.

  5. Get a pegboard or install a bulletin wall! Another good idea for those who want to change things up often. Bonus: You can also use a folding screen to hang or stick pictures and artwork onto.

  6. Make it extra extra large! Here is another excellent idea, void of any wall damage: get a painting or a printout of a picture that is really really big. Lean it against a wall and let it take up space and capture the eye with all its glory.

*Pro Tip: Get something larger than the furniture in the room, so it doesn't get lost in the details. You'll find that nothing can hold back those who want to make their house a home, not even the absence of nails and hammers.

Take a chance, make a plan, and get to it. Sort and move things until the room feels just right; take decorative rules into account and break them where you need to. You'll be glad you did.

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