Organize and Beautify Your Kitchen by Taking Accessories Out of Their Drawers and on the Walls

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** Organizing your kitchen is hard. Decorating the place where you cook your meals can be even harder. Here's how to do both at the same time, easily and cheaply.** Have you ever had to dig through a jumbled cabinet to find a pot or sift through a messy spice rack to find the cinnamon? Chances are that you have acquired many kitchen accessories that take up space and leave you feeling cluttered. The good news is that there are plenty of cost-effective DIY projects to help de-clutter your kitchen.

Wall Storage

Spice racks are an organized kitchen's worst nightmare because they take up valuable real estate in cabinets and counters. A magnetic spice rack that hangs flat on your wall is easy to make, and it is an excellent alternative to a traditional spice rack. To make your new spice rack, you will need: 12x24" sheet of stainless steel, $10.98 at Home Depot4 oz round clear top tins, roughly $26, for 30 tins Neodymium magnets — found here $10 for 10 Superglue Permanent marker or label maker To assemble: superglue a strong magnet to the bottom of each tin and let dry. Mount the steel sheet to your desired location. Finally, fill your tins with spices, taking care to label each lid, and stick them to the steel sheet. The whole project costs less than $100, saves counter space and lets you see all of your spices at a glance.

Pots and Pans as Wall Decorations

To save space and show off nice or colorful cookware, try hanging pots and pans instead of stuffing them in a cabinet. Find a space near your stove to mount a steel pot rack for your pots and pans. This trick also works well for spatulas and other kitchen utensils that are too bulky to fit in drawers. Since these utensils are lighter, a small curtain rod can be mounted on the wall, and a set of Cuisinart hooks can be attached to ladles, potholders and oven mitts, letting your utensils hang where they can be easily reached.

Drawer Organization

Drawer dividers are perhaps the easiest way to organize your kitchen on a budget; you can customize your own for less than $12. Measure the size that you'd like your dividers to be, determine how many pieces of wood you'll need and head to your local hardware store. Have a store employee cut a ¼ inch craft board ($2.04/board) to your desired dimensions, then glue the pieces together using a strong wood glue. Once the boards have dried, you will have a removable utensil organizer!

Bottom Line

Maximizing storage space in your kitchen doesn't have to drain your bank account. There are many clever ways to store bulky kitchen items and organize your cooking space.

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