New Hire Orientation for Software Developers

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New Hire Orientation for Software Developers For many employers, the first days on the job for new hires will involve orientation--a delivery of information on the company's history, stack of new hire paperwork, and handing out t-shirts with the company's logo displayed on them. While these are not bad measures, orientation for new Software Developers should have a slightly different framework that will ensure the first days on the job are positive. Documentation The quickest way to not impress a new Software Developer is to hand him a batch of paperwork soon after he walks through the office door on the first day. While some forms need to be done in person, the new hire paperwork should be completed and signed electronically, and before the start date. This will allow the opportunity for the Software Developer to start work on projects faster. The new technical hire should be provided with information on company policies, procedures, benefits, and a directory of contacts. Company Culture During orientation, be certain to inform the new employee about the culture of the company. This should include the company's dress code, expected hours of work, and where to go for lunch. It should not be a guessing game for a new Developer to know about the company's traditions and shows a poor example of the company if new hires have to figure out things as they go along. The sooner Software Developers are informed of the company environment and expectations, the faster and easier for them to fit in. Provide More Than a Job Description Often HR professionals and managers provide a copy of the job description to the employee on the first day of hire. When job descriptions are handed out, they should be up-to-date and match the actual work. In addition to a job description that lists duties and responsibilities, new software developers should be provided details on the company's new or existing technical project .They should also be given information on the technical stack and tools the company uses and if possible, information on the type of software they have been hired to work on. This will be beneficial in getting a software developer up to speed on the project. Introduction to Team Members New Software Developers should have the opportunity to meet and connect with the technical leadership team and the managerial staff to assist in better understanding the organizational makeup. Software developers often work with product managers, designers, other developers, technical writers, technical leaders, and senior developers, so it's a good objective to ensure they are introduced to all of the employees who will be important aspects of the team. Orientation is also the best time for Software Developers, particularly junior-level ones, to be paired with a more experienced developer or team member. This will help ease any discomfort in starting a new job.

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