NASCAR May Not Always Be Exciting, But This Finish Was an Epic Last-Lap Battle

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NASCAR is like getting to second base your sophomore year of high school. It's exciting when it happens, and you tell your friends all about it, but later you realize, when compared to other things, it really wasn't all that great, and you're embarrassed by how great you thought it was.

However, this past weekend, NASCAR was far from its usual right-turn-only, over-the-bra embarrassment at Sonoma Raceway. It was a full-on home run for everyone involved save for Denny Hamlin. Going into the last lap, Tony Stewart was just ahead of Hamlin, who had cut the lead to less than a second. Hamlin passed on Stewart's inside at turn 7 of the last lap.

But Hamlin did not keep the lead for long as he went wide at turn 11 allowing Stewart to edge back into the lead after pushing Hamlin into the wall. Hamlin was able to keep second place. This is Stewart's first win since the 2013 season. Stewart will be retiring at the end of this racing season.

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