Mythbusting Misconceptions About Digital Marketing and Ad Agencies

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Let's face facts: most agencies aren't living some Don Draper-esque life filled with liquid lunches, three-hour workdays and tailored outfits that cost more than the average rent--that'd be pretty awesome, though. But there are still a few misconceptions as to what a modern-day digital agency is all about. So, let's sift through the fodder and debunk a few of the most prominent ones out there, yes? Myth: They've all but given up on "old media" The age-old cadence goes, "Print media is dying and it's the Internet's fault!" or something to that effect. You'll be surprised to know that even though the printed word may have seen a slump in consumption, there's still a booming market for quality editorial content. Audiences simply prefer it in a neater, more economical package these days. Myth: They believe in mass production over quality Au contraire! Now, more than ever, there's a major focus on delivering the highest quality content and strategies to those who want it most. More effort is being put towards strategy, interactivity and overall content accuracy. Gone are the days of throwing anything at the wall to see what sticks. Myth: They get paid to just tweet, post and snap all day Jeez, if only! But because "Eating a sandwich! #lunch" generally doesn't translate well with most people, their responsibilities are far more multifaceted. In addition to the social media aspect, they're constantly tweaking strategies, curating content, designing and implementing interactive products and more. Myth: They're a bunch of robots who automate everything Yes and no. In the midst of trying to make sense of every digital avenue explored, you have to collect and interpret data. This gives others a better sense of both best practices and tactics to avoid. These days, there are scores of apps and software that constantly fetch and crawl data, doing all the dirty work, so agencies can have time to focus on the big picture when it comes to designing and executing top-notch campaigns. Myth: They've got the current digital landscape "all figured out" Hardly. In a realm that seems to change more often than versions of the Google Algorithm, there's a bunch of uncharted space out there. That's what makes being part of a digital agency so great. Getting to work alongside like-minded folks who are super stoked at the thought of "What's next?" Pretty sweet, huh? See? It's not all smoke and mirrors. Many of the core concepts of advertising have remained the same over time, it's the mediums that have changed. The trick that separates formidable digital agencies from the rest, though, is the need to look forward and establish a better understanding of what they do--one busted myth at a time.

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A Tale of Two Psyches: One, a journalist by nature and writer/editor by trade, who stays one step ahead of the competition, bylearning everything there is to know about digital media, content management/production, and the creative process. The other, a resident "ad man with a conscience", who's made it a point to immerse himself in all things marketing. Over the years, and with each project and brand collaboration, the goal has always been to craft the best messages with real meaning. The joy has been in trying to find a balance between both, and truth be told, that's still a work in progress.
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