Music, really listening.

A Scripted Freelance Writer Writing Sample

Music is present in all cultures around the world. From the past to the present day, music is a medium shared by all, both human and animal. Vibrations, or audible melodies, are gifts given with no hidden meanings. No creature shares music and wants something in return. Music can trigger a long lost memory, a mood once felt, a trauma forgotten in the past, or maybe a glimpse into the near future. When a familiar beat or song begins to play, the mind wanders away from social barriers or limitations we seem to put on everyday life. What was once a troubled mind full of confusion is now set free by the sounds we love to hear. This does not only pertain to music produced by instrument, but maybe this sense of transcendence or freedom is attained by the blissful peace in a quiet moment experienced in the calm of nature or next to the roaring ocean with each crashing wave. The place is not as important, when compared to the way the human mind begins to travel to places both known and foreign, when given the opportunity to be relieved of the pressure we place on ourselves. Free the mind. Free the soul. Simply listen and let go of control.

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