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You might be most familiar with Mo McRae as Tyler in "Sons of Anarchy," but wait until you see him as the unofficial Mayor of the Streets, Malcom "Suger" Monroe, in "Murder in the First." Set in San Francisco, "Murder in the First" is a new kind of police procedural that takes audiences deeper into the lives of the character than any other show of this genre ever has. "It's really about the people and the twists and turns their lives take as the cases are investigated," McRae explained. McRae joins the established cast of the show as it enters its second season. "It was almost like the first day of school," McRae recalls. "Everyone welcomed me with open arms." Steven Bochco, creator of the series, shared his expectations for the character with McRae, giving the actor a comfortable place to work from. "Steven was awesome. I'm very comfortable working with him." When asked about his character on the show, McRae explained, "Suger knows there are only two ways out of the world in which he lives—the coffin or a prison. He decides to make a different decision." Suger's decision isn't an easy one. McRae noted, "Once he committed to the lifestyle, he couldn't just turn in a two week notice." Rather than being able to walk away clean, Suger has to prepare the community he once controlled to live without him. McRae is certainly enjoying his role in "Murder in the First," but there will always be a special place in his heart for Tyler and "Sons of Anarchy." "'Sons of Anarcy' was easily the best job of my career," Mcrae said. "It was a blessing to be a part of it." McRae noted that the show demonstrated excellence in many ways. I maintained the artistic integrity of all involved as well as touched the hearts of millions of viewers. "The show was really important to my growth in the industry, but I'm most thankful for the bonds and relationships I have now that transcend the show." One of the best parts of being involved in "Sons of Anarchy," McRae explained, was being exposed to such a large and dedicated fan base. "I don't do this (acting) to be famous, but I do love the idea of doing something that has an impact on people's lives. The fans reciprocate the energy and love and connection. I appreciate this a great deal." Aside from "Murder in the First," McRae recently worked on a romantic comedy. In "November Rule," McRae plays Steve, a man who breaks up with his love interest each year in November so he doesn't have to be with anyone during the holidays. It's only when he finds the right woman that Steve finally breaks his November rule. Catch McRae in "Murder in the First" Tuesdays on TNT and look for "November Rule" on Netflix.

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