Midweek Meal Planner

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I find it really helpful planning what we are going to eat for the week. With a growing family of five, planning the week's food makes things a lot easier. I know what I'm buying when I go to the shop, and I know what I need to prepare and cook each night. It's also less stressful making a food planner, purely because you've got everything under control! If someone is out one evening, you can plan which meal to cook - maybe it's easy to heat up, or you can prepare it ahead of time. You will also only buy food you are planning to cook. Your fridge won't be full of rotting food, because you know exactly what you are doing with it! Takeouts are not an option. If I've got everything sorted, then there are no excuses. Saving time, food and money. Everyone's a winner! And if there are any leftovers, Mr Mean can take them to work the following day for lunch. Although if there is too much left over, I put it in the freezer for another meal - usually having to fight off Mr Mean! He knows he's missing out on a tasty lunch! This week, I've got five tasty dishes planned. I'm also making Super Cereal Bars for healthy snacks and Oatcakes for breakfasts and snacks. Oatcakes are really easy to make and freeze very well. You can take individual oatcakes out of the freezer and defrost them under the grill. They are great after school for hungry kids. I like them toasted with jam or honey. Alternatively, grill two sandwiched together with ham and cheese for a cheeky lunch, or fried with baked beans and an egg. You can do so much with them!

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