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Helping people earn through innovative crypto products for the future.

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If you're tired of the 9 to 5 and not earning what you deserve to live the life of your dreams, you've come to the right place. At Meteora Finance, we offer first-rate solutions for managed crypto account services that can earn you incredible passive income upwards of 60% a year. With outstanding statistics backing our ROI, the safety of funds, risk management, and market analysis skills, you can rest assured that your investments are in good hands.

Traditionally, it has been the status quo to deposit your money into a savings account and let it sit there untouched, but why not aim higher? In a world where finance is in a state of uncertainty and the dollar is at the mercy of inflation, why not give your money the power to reach its true potential? Cryptocurrencies can help your hard-earned dollars yield you unfathomable wealth when done right, allowing you to take control of your life and set your family up for success for generations to come.

It is imperative that you make more money than you lose, and with inflation rates skyrocketing to about 20% in the United States, you need to come up with a game plan. That's where we come in. You don't need to be a cryptocurrency expert because we can help you earn profits upwards of 50% per year to clear this inflation margin and help you regain your buying power.

We can help you achieve this because we've taken the time to run through thousands of scenarios that have led us to develop unparalleled income-earning strategies while mitigating any risks. At Meteora Finance, we've been constantly upgrading our operational systems to be able to serve anyone and everyone looking to earn what they deserve by harnessing the power of cryptocurrency.

Are you ready to take charge of your finances? Check out our services page to learn more.


Traditional Investments

If you want to dip your toes in the water and expand your profits in the safest way possible, you may consider a more traditional route. This no-risk strategy utilizes yield farming, meaning you'll lend out cryptocurrencies and "lock them up" to earn fixed or variable interest. One such coin that has been popular when it comes to yield farming is the Ethereum 2 token, earning investors upwards of 4.50% APR.

This is a straightforward option: Your APY depends on how long you keep your money invested, and we provide effective deposit insurance systems to help you get the most out of your investment.

The Process

Through years of research and thousands of strategic trials, we've come up with a blueprint that eliminates any impact on your original deposit to get you the best returns at virtually no risk. That 50% APY that we strive to deliver to our customers is no joke, and the following strategies are what make this possible:

  • No-risk, yield farming method.
  • Providing stable coin liquidity while avoiding impermanent loss.
  • Effective deposit insurance systems.

Full transparency on how we handle your investments:

  • We may initiate three to four short-term trades using anywhere from 7 to 8% of your original deposit ONLY when the risk is low.
  • Your APY will be based on how long you stay invested. The breakdown is as follows:
  • Three months: 35-45% APY
  • Six months: 45-55% APY
  • Nine to twelve months: 55-65% APY
  • Minimum investment period: Three months
  • Maximum investment period: Twelve months.

Additionally, you can make a withdrawal at the end of every 90-day period.

As we've mentioned, we want you to take FULL control of your finances, and you can cancel your investments and take your money back at any time, no strings attached. We will execute cancellations within one day.


We aim to help you achieve a passive income of at least 40% each year, and that's something we stand behind. We break your investments down into 90-day periods for your convenience, as well as to build that mutual trust between you and our services. Here are some frequently asked questions that will help you better understand this service and put any doubts to rest.

How will your company make money for me?

We combine our extensive money-making strategies, innovative crypto tools, and utilize short and long-term trading to deliver you a high yield while keeping your original deposit intact.

Does this lead to any risk?

Our proven strategy eliminates risks and keeps your investments safe. We promise the standing of your original investment with an 8-12% profit yield within a 90-day period. To instill complete confidence, we also never take more money than we have available in our reserve fund, which we use to issue refunds if you're not satisfied with our services.

If you promise a "35-45% APY", how can you also promise 55-65% APY?

We mention both percentage ranges because it depends on how long you invest with us: 40% APY in three months, 50% APY in six months, and 60% APY within nine to twelve months.

Will you issue a refund if I want to cancel your services?

You are entitled to your money whenever you'd like, and the withdrawal process usually takes up to one business day. It is worth noting, though, that premature withdrawals may incur penalties and profits loss.

Cryptocurrency Investments

The experts here at Meteora Finance will help you create a powerful, well-balanced cryptocurrency portfolio based on your investments, future plans, and your risk profile. This market is insane, and while we're currently looking at a bear market, we can assure you that you will see tremendous growth and uncapped potential.

Unlike our traditional investment services, this type of investment is tailored for those looking for long-term investment in the cryptocurrency market. Naturally, this involved more risk and a longer waiting period to receive your gains, but it is extremely profitable in the long run.

Meteora has been in the cryptocurrency industry for six years, investing in multiple crypto projects and doing extensive research to get our formulas down to a science. During this time, we've become experts on:

  • Analyzing the market.
  • Discovering fundamental projects and promising practices.
  • Learning how to identify and avoid exit scams.
  • Investing in crypto projects, factoring in stock market volatility, tokenomics, cycles, and key areas of development.
  • Portfolio restoration, taking into account the latest crypto trends.
  • Portfolio splitting and risk mitigation.
  • Earnings expansion and profit margins.
  • Identifying and executing profitable short-term trades.
  • Portfolio and asset fortification and buyback techniques.

As we mentioned before, you don't need to be a crypto expert to start making money, and there's no better time than the present to jump right in. If you're looking to create a strong and ever-growing portfolio, our expert traders and analysts have you covered. Give us a call today.

About Us

Meteora boasts a skilled team of traders and investors that bring expertise and extensive cryptocurrency knowledge to the masses. Our team has been working diligently day in and day out for six years, researching, monitoring, and investing in the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency markets with voluminous success.

Today, Meteora accepts public funding and has made over 800% profit on top of customer deposits in the early stages.

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