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The Men's Clinic of Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland is already well known for the Heart and Endocrinology Institutes at the world renowned Cleveland Clinic. So having a clinic in the same city headed by a physician trained by the Cleveland Clinic who has already directed the health and fitness of NASA astronauts just makes sense. That the center also connects healthy living and hormone-heart connections is to be expected. The difference with the Men's Clinic is that it is not in a major hospital where appointments take time to obtain. It is in the director's private home. Same day appointments are always available.

Dr. John Kocka, MD

Dr. Kocka is on a mission at the Men's Clinic, pure and simple. Having trained in family medicine with a specialty in preventative and sports medicine, he learned early how pernicious low testosterone can be on the male body and mind. Having been the medical director at NASA and achieved the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the US Air Force, he knows first hand the effects of good health, nutrition and body management on the male body and how poor health management can have the opposite effect on non-high performance men in their daily lives. He is also a board-certified physician on Age-Management. That is why he created the Age Management Program at the Men's Health Clinic.

Low Testosterone in Men

Low testosterone is a painful reality for all men after age 40. The symptoms include energy loss, muscle mass loss, overall weakness, less interest in sex, irritability, less sleep and less motivation. It is a natural by-product of aging that affects nearly every part of the male body. From hair loss to increased body fat to an increase in low-density cholesterol (the bad cholesterol), all lead to less energy and lower bone mass. The lower bone mass can result in frequent fractures, the increase in low-density cholesterol can lead to increased vascular plaque in arteries and veins which can lead to increased chance of heart attack and stroke. Not only does none of that lead to a healthier body and lifestyle, but that is also why Dr. Kocka created his Men's Clinic and why the Men's Clinic is so closely associated with the Cleveland Clinic. There are many possible treatments for low testosterone at the Advanced Age Managementprogram at the clinic, but perhaps the one with the quickest results is Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

As the name suggests, this involves replacing the low levels of testosterone with higher levels of the hormone. This can be done in a myriad of ways from injection to skin patches, rub in gels and lotions. Injections last the longest of the four options so need the fewest repeats but the others may be preferred options. This therapy is not a cure for the natural depletion of the hormone from your body. There is no known cause of that depletion so no known cure either. That means these treatments must be indefinite in duration for you to enjoy the benefits long-term. But that also means the reverse is also true. If you stop taking the treatments, your hormone levels will return to what they were before you started. So, if you allow that to happen, the general feeling of listlessness that you felt, that you were suffering with for so long, and that brought you here in the first place, will return. So, always remain in touch with your doctors and with the staff at the Mens Clinic to ensure you maintain your treatments and continue your wellness program.

Advanced Age Management

Advanced age management is the rebuilding of the hormones that age has reduced in the male body over the years. That includes testosterone, B12, HCG, DHEA, Human Growth Hormone and others. The benefits to testosterone replacement are noted above but the others are not. B12 is included in most energy drinks so their effect is to boost your energy and revitalize your metabolism. Injections last longer than the amount included in the beverages. DHEA is the foundation to testosterone so the two work together to promote greater sexual and emotional health. HCG kickstarts your metabolism. All of these are available here at the Mens Clinic. Let's get you started on your rebirth today.

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