A Scripted Freelance Writer Writing Sample

The blacks clouds have blanketed the sky. The sun is peeping behind them. Raindrops are knocking on the windows. Cool breeze is playing with my hair which reminds me of the moments which had the same scene on the background and the difference was just that that time he was sitting beside me, tucking my ruffled hair behind my ear and looking deep inside my eyes with heart filled with immense love. And this time I am all alone by myself, gazing towards the eternity and hoping that I could get him by my side again. The weather reminds me of those breath taking moments I spent with him, sitting on the passenger side of his car and chatting all the way till dusk, holding each others hands and those silent times when we didn't have anything to say but still had said everything. It was me who ruined everything but now I want them back. I had said in a very stern voice that yes I have moved on but I guess you never move on a true love. It doesn't matter how much you try, at the end a simple poke of those moments makes you recall everything. It turns out that you had never moved on, it is just that the memories were locked somewhere back inside your head and whenever a corner lifts the memories try to escape. Today also when I close my eyes and think of the most beautiful moments of my life, all those things come in front of my eyes like I am going into a flash back. It turns out that you can never move on, you just try to find someone better than him who can give you better memoirs but in my case I can never get someone better than him. I try to find him everywhere and search him in every guy but I guess I have lost him and his love.

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