Masking phone number in telegram

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Instructions to shroud your telephone number on Wire

Stage 1: Open message, go to the settings

Open the Wire application and pull out the burger menu from the right. Select the Settings choice to enter Wire Settings

Stage 2: Explore to Protection and Security

Stage 3: Change the 'Telephone Number' setting to No one

Discover the 'Telephone Number' choice and change the relating alternative to 'No one' on the off chance that you need total protection. Then again, you can likewise set it to 'My Contacts', making your number obvious to just those whose number you as of now have saved in your contacts. In the event that you set it to no one, another alternative will spring up beneath asking who can discover your record utilizing your number. You can pick either Everyone or My Contacts in this alternative.

Reward tip

Similar segment of security settings can likewise be utilized to shroud various different subtleties that can be utilized to irritate you or track you down. These incorporate your profile picture, your last seen and online status. You can even conclude who can call you and add you to bunches from this segment.

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