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LIFE IS EASY. Many people have made life seem like a task too hard to accomplish. However life is so simple and should not stress you. One of the big question you should ask yourself in life is "who is the giver?" Once you realize that life does not belong to you, you will learn to appreciate it better. The one big question to ask yourself is, "I'm i living right with God?" If the answer to that question is "yes" then drop your worries. At the end of it all it's all it's about him. What other people think of you should be the least of your worries, people will always judge you weather you do good or bad. So quit living within the shadows of other people and be yourself. You were created a unique person and you have a unique purpose that only you can fulfill. So the more you are your self the more better you are placed to fulfill your purpose in life. Be mindful not to step on other peoples toes. As much as the other person's opinion does not count do not go round stepping on all the toes you find. It is as simple as what you will not want others to do to you do not do it to them. Always listen to your inner self. This is the only person that will not lie to you. That small voice that keeps on screaming from inside is your inner self and most times it's right. Note that i did not say all the times but most. Learn to listen. Be calm. In life you should learn to approach all things with calmness. This will save you a lot a bad situations in life. Do not rush into making decisions, learn to listen. Do not let anger take control of you. Listen more talk less. Whatever happen in life learn to accept. Be it defeat, illness or any other thing. Acceptance is the very first step to anything that you want to overcome. Once you accept that things are not right then the next step is to search for a solution. Do not judge yourself harshly. Don't be too hard on yourself. This will help you raise above any situation and move on. Despite how hard you fall learn to wake up. I always tell myself that if i have to fall, let me fall looking up so that i can see the sun a get motivated to raise. Always have hope and will. Have the spirit of a winner all the time. Hold your head high even when things are going wrong. This way you will win at the end. Read more:

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