Living Life with a Mental Illness Is a Blessing Believe It or Not

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I mean every word of my title. Living a life with any mental illness can be positively equated to being the diamond in the rough. There is no other way to put it than that because. We are taught life lessons everyday through the lens of our mental disorder, and that is valuable my friends. And all the lessons I have learned throughout the years since my diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder has brought me to a better understanding of health, wellbeing, and mental illness. I'd rather that then blissful ignorance.

"My Life First, Then Yours!"

I learned that when you finally decide to put yourself, those who love you weak will begin to complain. And even then, it still is worth it. The old me constantly bowed down and kissed dirty feet while they were crushing my spine. Through that phase of my life I learned how much I value my own two feet. Now, I could care less about everyone else's happiness if mine isn't valued by them. Some may say I'm selfish, but life with Bipolar Disorder has taught me otherwise.

"Connection to Good Vibes"

Now, another beautiful blessing of having a mental illness is that you become very sensitive, deep, and in tune with the world. Personally, I'm more compassionate for those who can't grasp themselves because I've been there. I smile at anybody and everybody because someone will appreciate that and their rainy day will turn sunny. The biggest bonus is that your self worth becomes valued based on your sensitivity and kindness rather than how many toes you kiss.

"I Love You, Self"

Additionally, mental illness at some point will teach you to love the most important being in your life that will always be with you: YOURSELF. Through my hardest days and biggest explosions, I learned how to accept that I really can only trust myself and animals. People show their true colors when they treat you like garbage because you've had a bad day and need to just relax. When this happens, you're forced to accept this fact and start truly loving who you are, even if there are parts about yourself that you don't love.

Ultimately, everyone experiences mental health issues in a different way and their recovery can be different too. Personally, I've learned that through bringing out awareness, recovery becomes lighter on the shoulders for my life and the world we live in. Consider these "blessings" as tips to show you the best outcome possible when you decide to grab your disorder by the pussy and move forward. I believe in you, and I believe in me. We all deserve to live the life we want and no chemical imbalance can change that, ever.

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