Learn with the New York Times Summer Academy

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Learn with the New York Times Summer Academy

April 2, 2016

5:25 PM MST

Learn with the New York Times Summer Academy

used with permission: Jonathan Friedlander, nytEducation

Do you know the New York Times has its own school? Called nytEducation, the school offers two educational paths: one geared to professionals brings unique learning tools for professionals to increase their careers with practical skills, and the other path is pre-collegiate, designed for highly motivated and talented high school students. This path offers weekend courses, summer sessions, and symposia to cover college applications and careers of the future. This new type of classroom experience helps students develop individual skills as they build for their futures.

Professionals can take Anytime Courses that offer on-demand career know-how when it is needed. These high quality, expert video courses mean learning directly from New York Times' experts, and include T Brand Studio and The Learning Network; the fee range is $95 - $345; see courses here. The Symposia is, as nytEducation defines it, "A Meeting of the (Best) Minds," a chance to, "come together and network with industries' best innovators and thought leaders to propel you forward in your professional life." Well said, as excitement for this segment is surely high. Visit the website to sign up for notification when Symposia registration opens.

The nytEducation NYC Summer Academy classes, for highly motivated high school students, presents a pre-collegiate educational opportunity for students to live, study and learn in New York City. The program begins June 2016, and is, as the school describes, "Structured around two-week sessions that draw on the expertise and unrivaled access of The New York Times, this unique program encourages students to take their learning out of the classroom and into the world. Working with award-winning journalists from the Times and expert practitioners from across the city, students will learn first-hand how ideas take shape, forming the industries of today and the creative enterprises of tomorrow." Upon applying to the program, students choose between two program types, each distinctive in its type of learning and age range: Explorations (ages 14-16) and Intensives (ages 15-17).

Explorations pursue a selection of topics from a range of perspectives, as guest speakers become expert guides leading students through this singular educational adventure. As the name implies, Intensives offer students a behind-the-scenes learning experience to look deeply at a particular field of study through meetings with innovators and thought leaders. Students with established interests and eager to explore and discover more on the topic may be most fulfilled in this program. The deadline to apply to Summer Academy is April 15. Visit the website to learn more and apply.

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