Learn What to Do If You Are Wrongfully Accused of Child Molestation

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Being accused of child molestation can be very scary. There are many people who are wrongfully accused of child molestation each and every day, unfortunately. When people are wrongfully accused of molestation, many make the mistake of thinking the truth will come out in the end and that they don't have to worry. Unfortunately, that is not always the case, though.

There are times when people are found guilty of molestation wrongfully. Hiring an attorney to help you fight to prove your innocence is essential when you are accused of the heinous crime of molestation. The following guide walks you through what you need to do when fighting to prove your innocence.

Avoid Talking to the Police without An Attorney Present

When the police first suspect that you may have molested a child, they will question you in many different ways. Before answering any questions, when being interviewed by the police, consider asking to speak to your attorney.

Even though you know that you have done nothing wrong, there are ways that the answers you give to the questions that the police ask can be manipulated to sound like you did something that you did not do.

Waiting to talk to the attorney ensures that you do not answer any questions that you do not have to answer and that you do not answer them improperly. The attorney can give you advice as to what information you need to provide to the police to prove your innocence.

Do Not Allow the Police to Look at Your Phone

Many people make the mistake of thinking that they have to hand over their phone to the police right away when the police start interrogating them. That is not the case at all. The police cannot look through your phone unless you give them permission to or they have gotten a subpoena to look into it.

In order to get a subpoena to look at your phone, the police must have substantial evidence against you proving that there is a possibility that you have molested a child. They will need to look at the phone to see if you have any pornographic images of children on it or have had direct contact with a child when you should not have.

An attorney will be able to let you know when you legally have to allow the police to look at your phone. They will know what the legalities involved with the seizure of a phone are.

Be Upfront and Honest with Your Attorney

When you are being investigated for molestation, you need to be honest with your attorney. Let them know if any situations occurred that may have been misconstrued as molestation, if you have ever been accused of molestation, and if the person accusing you has an ulterior motive to accuse you of the crime.

Once you provide the attorney with this information, they will be able to help fight for you in court to prove that you did not do the things you are accused of doing and prove why the person who is accusing you is accusing you.

Do Not Take a Plea Deal

There are many times when a district attorney will offer people plea deals to ensure that they get a conviction in the case. If you know that you did not do anything wrong and your attorney feels that they can prove it in court, do not take a plea deal. You will be admitting to doing something that you did not do.

Even if you are wrongfully convicted of molestation, you will still be able to fight for a higher court to hear the case so you can prove you did not commit the crimes that you were accused of. Being able to prove your innocence may take time, but it will be worth it in the end.

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