Lead Generation Methods & What’s Best for Your Business

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When it comes to growing a business the number one challenge is often generating more leads. The more leads you and your agents have the more you can close, and the more your client base can grow.

But generating leads isn't easy in an industry where competition is increasingly high. Here are a few proven methods for generating insurance leads:

Search Engine Marketing

Companies can generate leads by running search engine marketing campaigns on platforms like Google Adwords and Bing/Yahoo. These platforms allow you to set criteria, and target locations where you're looking for leads. However, search engine marketing campaigns can be expensive and challenging. Insurance keywords are ranked as the most expensive keywords to bid on. You can end up bidding as much as $38 per click. That's really expensive when you consider that not every click is going to turn into a lead, and not every lead converts. If you're not experienced in generating leads via these platforms, you can waste a lot of money before your campaigns are optimized enough to generate a positive return on investment.

Display Marketing

Companies can advertise using display marketing, where advertisers pay per impression/view instead of by click. It can be challenging to meet ROI with display campaigns because advertisers are paying per impression, where intent on the part of the prospect is very low.

Affiliate Marketing

Some insurance agencies depend on affiliate marketing networks to generate leads. Some advertisers prefer affiliate marketing campaigns, because you only pay per conversion instead of per click or impression. Some advertisers pay for pieces of information, like a lead's email address, name and phone number. Others require more information. The more information you require from a lead, the higher the payout for the offer must be.

Buying Leads

Lead generation companies can generate highly targeted leads that are high quality and more likely to close. Parasol Leads utilizes various digital marketing strategies to consistently generate high quality leads. Some agencies sell old or recycled leads, but Parasol Leads only sells fresh real-time leads. Agents save time and money by purchasing leads rather than attempting to meet the challenges of managing digital marketing campaigns.

Which lead generation methods have worked for you? How do you generate insurance leads for your agency? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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