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Now that you’ve gotten through the first stages of your interview process and the company has expressed interest in hiring you, it’s time to move to the job offer negotiation. This phase is quite daunting for some people, and it’s all too familiar to settle for wages and benefits that are below your worth. But, how can you know your worth and make sure you’re getting the best deal out there? Check out these six tips for a little inspiration. Get the Right Mindset – Are you in an in-demand career? Are you the best-qualified candidate? Well, if you’ve made it this far, you sure are! Don’t forget to have the right mindset. This company is courting you, not the other way around. Do Your Research – If you are well armed, you’ll be well prepared for any battle. Take the time to research the average pay scales in your area before you head into this stage. You’ll have a greater idea of your overall worth, and you’ll be ready to fire back if they come in with a low offer. Never Settle – Depending on how long you’ve been searching for a job, and how badly you need one, it’s very tempting to grab at anything they offer you and think you should be grateful for it, no matter how low it might be. It’s time to turn that thinking around. They aren’t settling by hiring you. Why should you settle for being hired at a rate lower than your worth? How About Extra Skills and Certifications – In any business, it’s all about the ROI or Return on Investment. If you have extra skills and certifications that go above and beyond the job description, it’s time to start asking for a better rate. Sure, you might be more costly than other candidates, but you are also more qualified. Companies understand this, and they’re willing to invest more if it gets them talent that can perform and produce more/ Don’t Be Afraid to Ask – It’s ingrained in a lot of us to be happy with what we are offered and not quibble on prices. This is one instance where it’s ok to haggle. If you want better benefits, the ability to work from home occasionally or a higher starting salary, it’s perfectly ok to ask. That doesn’t mean you’ll always get it, but typically, you’ll get more than you would if you kept quiet. Negotiation is Not a Disqualification – Candidates often feel that asking for more than the original offer will immediately move them to the disqualified pile. If you are in front of a serious employer who wants to grow their business, they’ll entertain your offer. In the event you are in front of the rare company who doesn’t want to succeed, they might show you the door. Run through it! If they don't negotiate salary now, think about trying to get raises in the future! If you have the right information, the right attitude and the right mindset, you can be assured that you’ll always get paid what your worth. Remember, if you put yourself on the discount rate, no one will ever want to pay full price. Want more information about getting the salary you deserve at a job you love? Ask the experts at Solopoint Solutions today! - See more at ​

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