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Getting back to work and school after the holidays can be a battle for families. After weeks of treats, travel, special events, and late nights, the whole family can find itself struggling back into a normal routine. And that struggle is a stressor that can negatively affect your body, mood, and behavior. If every day activities like bedtime, mealtime, or homework are overwhelming your household, a few small changes can help reduce everyone's stress.

Find your routine before vacation ends. Even though no one wants the holidays to end early, the most effective way to ease the stress of re-entering reality is to get everyone on board before the first day back. It can take several nights to re-establish healthy sleep patterns and regular chores. Do one a day until everyone is back on track.

Sleep often and sleep early. It's a common myth that if we're tired, our bodies will just sleep more. The truth is, we sleep better when we're already well-rested. As you transition out of the holidays, make bedtime a little earlier than usual. Once rested, we are much less susceptible to stress.

The mind follows the body. Meditation, deep breathing, and exercise are proven stress reducers. Your body can also de-stress by smelling incense or candles, hearing music, receiving massage, and even chewing gum.

With movement, good sleep, and intentional routines, families can fight post-holiday stress and find their way back to mental focus and calm.

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