Jenny Packham: Gowns Fit For A Goddess

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Designer Jenny Packham is most known for her elegant wedding gowns. She designs sleek silhouettes – ones that you would see draped across Greek goddesses. Packham says her collections are designed for brides who are individuals and just a bit alternative. Her description is evident in her works – you'll find deep v-necks and sheer sleeves, all made with elegance and class, of course. "I feel our brides are empowered women who know what they want and have strong sense [of] their identity. Obviously, they love fashion and glamour," Packham said on bridal website What would any bridal collection be without its accessories? Jeweled headpieces and floral themed combs and pins add to the goddess-like woman who would don the wedding gown. It wasn't all and only bridal immediately, though. The designer started with a ready-to-wear collection in 1988. She produced it after she graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. Other than wedding dresses, Packham also designs similar styled evening gowns. She has designed for many celebrities such as Sandra Bullock, Beyoncé, Keira Knightley, Halle Berry, Pink and Kate Middleton. In the process, she has turned herself into a kind of celebrity. Packham has held roles in a few episodes of the TV drama "Gossip Girl." The designer also dressed some of the women in the movie "Casino Royale." "I have always been driven by the desire to create gorgeous evening wear that makes every woman feel beautiful. The fact that celebrities love the dresses is a wonderful compliment to this, and of course, a perfect way to present the dresses," Packham said in Lusso, a luxury lifestyle magazine. Her evening gowns have the same slender silhouettes as the wedding gowns, but they feature brighter hues such as magenta and cerulean. However, Packham is not a one-hit-wonder. The designer doesn't just stick to dresses. She's always hard at work, creating something new for her clients: a ready-to-wear collection, lingerie and accessories like belts and bags. The ready-to-wear collection is easily recognized as Packham's because of the same slim designs. Her spring/summer 2016 collection starts out looking a little dark – something unusual for a spring/summer collection. There are navies and blacks galore, but there are splashes of lime green, orchid purple and red orange along the way. As you could expect, some of the dresses flow freely – the perfect beach day dress. Others, however, show a little bit of flexibility in Packham's design aesthetic. Dresses with a pencil skirt, one with pronounced shoulders, and a form fitting blazer are stand outs in the collection. All of her designs are embellished alluringly with a lot of shine and bead work. The garnish on her designs are added carefully. All of the extras accentuate the design without being overly decorative or tacky. There's just enough shine and glam to pump up the pieces without overdoing it. There's so much detail in each piece, and Packham says it takes anywhere from 4 months to 8 weeks to complete one dress. From night gowns, wedding gowns, evening gowns and a stunning ready-to-wear to collection, Packham has a piece that will bring out the chic goddess in every woman.

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