Is YouTube the New Television?

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So I came across this picture on the internet on a random search I was doing. The statistic that the picture displays is really mind blowing. It says that "More video was uploaded to YouTube in the last 2 months than if ABC, NBC and CBS had been airing new content 24/7/365 since 1948…1948! Could this possibly be true? Can media convergence really be pushing out network programming to a degree this bad? I thought about it for a second and I figured that it could be true. A personal example that I have is my boyfriend. He has a 42 inch flat screen television in his dorm room and he hardly watches any tv…no scratch that he doesn't watch tv at all. The only thing that he uses that thing for is to watch YouTube Videos off of his xbox. YouTube videos are seen by millions of people every single day. They are shared via social media sites such as facebook and twitter and through word of mouth as well. Truth be told, entertainment is very demanding and very specific, people want to see certain things and almost ANYTHING and I mean literally anything can be found on youtube. You can think of the most ridiculous sentence and type it in on youtube and I guarantee you that something will come up for it. With something that produces everything, why is it hard to believe that we would rather watch youtube then regular television? According to an article I read on Social Barrel "68% of those asked said that they watched more video content from youtube than they did on any other platform." TV remotes should come with a youtube button on them if they want to have a chance of sticking around for much longer. What television is essentially lacking, is it's ability to be versatile. With youtube and other online streaming sites such as netflix and hulu, you don't have to be restricted to a television set and you don't have to tune in at 7 to catch your favorite shows, you can watch them whenever you want and we are all guilty of doing this. I didn't even fret about missing the season premiere of the final season of Parks and Recreation the other day because I know that the episode will be available on hulu to me within 48 hours after the air date. I can wait 48 hours, AND I only have to sit through a minute worth of commercials in each break. You can see now why TV is losing in the year 2015. But how can television networking stay afloat to keep up with these killer competitors? Put more of your content on demand, partner with netflix and hulu to have your content aired through them oh and here's an idea, maybe consider making Youtube a place to steam television shows as well (in all fairness though, if that happens it will be game over for EVERYONE, at least in my opinion.) If television networks start to do more of these things, then MAYBE they'll still be around 10 years from now.

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