International Woodworking Fair

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Woodworking is both one of the oldest trades and art forms. Whether you are crafting in your personal workshop or part of a company manufacturing at a larger scale, there's a lot of pride in creating pieces that are beautiful, functional, and built to stand the test of time.

Individuals and businesses the world over are preparing for the International Woodworking Fair 2016, taking place August 24-27 in Atlanta, Georgia. CMS North America, based in Caledonia, Michigan, will be using the International Woodworking Fair to showcase their Balestrini traditional woodworking machines.

The Balestrini series features machines that help with anywhere from basic woodworking tasks to more complex, high-volume productions. The CMSNA team will be featuring the Twister model from their 5-Axis series. This innovative machine is built for the modern woodworking industry and focused on customization and specialization to meet the unique needs of businesses with maximum productivity. The design further allows for rapid change-over from one workplace to the next, helping to speed up custom production needs.

"The Twister is very well built and designed. Current owners love how flexible it can be, how user-friendly the software is, and the quality it produces," said Larry Tolbert, Balestrini product manager. "People looking for a machine like this will have many options when it comes to Balestrini because the machine is so customizable."

The Balestrini machines are already used in a range of production capacities, including kitchen cabinets for the largest cabinet producer in the United States. In addition to a range of furniture applications, the machines also produce parts for sporting goods, musical instruments, rifle stocks, automotive and marine components, and much more. Show attendees will be able to see the Twister in demonstration mode producing chair parts.

Tolbert added that the show will be a great time for attendees to learn about how CMSNA can customize a machine to meet their specific needs. He continued, "The show is big. People should do homework and plan who they want to meet with and talk to ahead of time. It can be time consuming, but if you plan ahead you won't miss any good opportunities to help your business."

CMSNA has been selling Balestrini machines across North America since 2011. Though they're based in West Michigan, their commitment to innovation, professionalism, and service has helped them be a leader across the continent. By retaining technicians with an average of 12+ years of experience across the United States, they are able to be on site helping businesses assess and improve their machines.

The International Woodworking Fair is already set to be the largest trade show in the Americas, with more than 450 exhibitors already signed up as early as March of this year. Attendance has grown considerably, with an estimated 40% growth in registration since 2014. Attendees will have four full days to explore and learn, with the show running from 8:30 am -5:00 pm Wednesday through Friday and Saturday from 8:30 am - 4:00 pm.

CMSNA has a legacy built on 35 years of industry leading experience and an expansive client base across North America. Tolbert shared how excited they are to help new businesses find the best solution to their woodworking production needs. Be sure to meet them at the International Woodworking Fair, or contact them online today to start learning more about the Balestrini machines.

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