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One of the many prolific designers of Mid-Century Modern design, Arne Jacobsen is well known for his classic and successful chair designs, many of which are still in production today. Yet, he viewed himself primarily as an architect, and it is his architectural functionalism that has a more nuanced effect on design today. Much of what we now view as the epitome of Jacobsen's work can be attributed to the Royal SAS Hotel in Copenhagen. Specifically, the Swan and Egg chairs were first introduced as part of his building design. The infamous (and still reservable) Room 606, is a preservation of his work and has some stunning elements that are still aesthetically pertinent for today's design world. The stunning contrast of soft greens and blues against the striking and rich wenge wood makes a case for great design all on its own. Yet it is the functional aspect of the design that seems to really speak what is showing up in interiors of today. Specifically, the engaged side table design surrounding the bed. This design element is popping up across a variety of spaces in current designs. This low-slung, fully engaged headboard and side table design creates​ an architectural element out of a furniture piece. While some could trace this to a platform bed style, this goes beyond that. When built directly into the wall, with floating or cantilevered side tables, this design concept is a strong statement. As many could attribute to Jacobsen's furniture design and architecture, his work is a definitive statement of form, function, and modern aesthetics.

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