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HR Manager Job Description Sample

This customizable job description sample has been designed by Indeed to help you with your hiring needs. Add and remove details as you go to build a relationship and let potential employees know the voice of your organization, what they can expect in-terms of work environment, remuneration and perks; and in return what you require of them.

What Does a HR Manager Do?

A Human Resource Manager works very closely with the upper management to help steer the organization in the right direction by implementing policies and executing HR related tasks. Depending upon the organizational structure, industry, size and turnover, an HR Manager could either be someone who has vested interest in the future of an organization as a partner, reporting directly to the CEO, part of a mid or upper level management team reporting to the vice president. An HR Manager works as a link between the policy makers and upper-management such as vice presidents, executives, directors, board-members etc.; and must work closely with other department heads such as training, facilities, logistics, operations, business development, marketing and sales.

HR Manager Duties and Responsibilities

An HR Manager is responsible for any and all kind of planning regarding Human Resource and development of workforce; transforming all policies into executable plans and departmental procedures; creating and maintaining all reports and statistics and sending them to concerned departments and people; handle all complaints and grievances through careful intervention; implementing suggestions and policy changes; determine needs and form partnerships with other departments and external contractors to fulfill all HR needs etc. by performing day-to-day tasks such as:

  • Ensuring policies and procedures are being followed by all employees
  • Assessing reports provided by the HR team, team leaders and operations managers from other departments to determine employee performance and training needs
  • Create an open and healthy work environment where the voice of all employees is heard
  • Suggesting changes to policies and procedures in keeping with needs of the hour, laws and regulations put in place by governing bodies and local authorities
  • Administering employee benefits and perks
  • Researching compensations standards set by industry and governing bodies
  • Creating salary structure and benefits program
  • Create recruitment plan, interview schedule, steps and evaluation standards in accordance with HR methodologies and labor laws
  • Supervising all HR activities, communications, reports, requests and documents created and received by the team
  • Attend interdepartmental meetings with other managers
  • Oversee exit interviews and procedures

HR Manager Skills and Qualifications

An HR manager is an integral part of a corporate machine and needs to be detail-oriented and possess a sharp intellect. A proactive person who can work well with other people and create an amiable work environment for subordinates; possessing irreproachable integrity and ethics. A good communicator who has the essential knowledge about cultural history and diversity of the location, universal principles of psychology and behavior.

  • Post graduate degree in Human Resource Management
  • Basic computer skills, office management and communication software experience
  • Ability to understand statistical data and mathematical concepts, applying them to HR processes
  • Excellent people management skills
  • Exceptional verbal and written communication skills
  • Expert in labor laws set by governing authorities and organizations
  • Ability to comprehend complex language, theories and methodologies

HR Manager Salary Expectations

At Indeed we do everything based on our own experience and knowledge, and after analyzing data collected over the past 3 years from more than 7000 users and job posts we have concluded that the average yearly earning of an HR Manager is $72,224.

HR Manager Education and Training Requirements

Although in many organizations entry-level positions such as recruiter, researcher, documentation specials etc. may require just a high school graduation, it is nearly impossible to advance your career on the basis of experience only. Even a bachelor's degree would not be of much use for securing a mid-management position as an HR manager in most organizations. In-order to have a flourishing career as an HR manager in most prominent and reputable companies the basic criteria is post graduate education, such as master of science or MBA in human resource management. Training in specific software used for record keeping, enterprise management and resource planning, presentation and document creation, editing, digital signage, project management and communication etc. would also be required.

HR Manager Experience Requirements

An HR Manager, in any organization, whether externally sourced or internally promoted, must have spent at-least 2 years in a similar position. Preferably someone who has spent 3-4 years with one organization before seeking employment elsewhere. The person must have the experience of managing a team of people and external contractors. If hiring someone without previous title of HR manager, ensure they have certification from any of these following associations: The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), WorldatWork, HR Certification Institute (HRCI) and International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans.

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