How to Write Marketing Blogs Your Clients Will Actually Read

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The world of marketing is constantly changing and evolving - with billions of dollars spent on digital marketing every year. The saturated market of digital advertising can seem daunting and hyper-competitive.

You might be left wondering: how do you write a marketing blog that will stand out to your clients? Follow the steps below to catch a client's eye - and keep it.

Hook Your Client

Why did you click on this article? Because it's important to you.

This is the most important step: put yourself in your client's shoes and make a compelling title. If your title doesn't grab your client's attention, they won't give the rest of your article a chance.

To grab your client's attention, use buzzwords that catch the reader's eye. Buzzwords are words with substance that stand out on the page, such as "Optimize" and "Social Engagement." Don't use words that are irrelevant, but try to use these buzzwords in your titles as much as possible. For more information on hooking clients, read how to get traffic here.

Don't Be Fluffy

Keep your blogs informative and engaging, from your articles to your "About Us" page. You might be tempted to fill empty spaces in your blog, but keep it short and sweet. Don't fill your articles with "fluff" - meaningless fillers - or your clients will get tired of your blog.

First, organize your blog posts with clear headings to be an easy, straightforward read. Next, remove parts that seem repetitive or lack valuable information. These two simple steps are crucial for keeping an engaged client on your blog.

Show Pictures, Videos, and Other Visuals

Everyone learns differently. Did you know there are seven different learning styles? Visual learning is one of the most common ones.

Sometimes your clients need a picture to understand what you're saying, so go the extra step and give it to them. If you're describing something, show them a picture. If you're explaining data, show them a graph.

Visuals draw the eye. They can break the monotony of black-and-white pages, so give your clients something to help them understand.

Make a Call to Action

What is the goal of any marketing article? To inspire your clients to engage with your product, of course.

To create a call to action, think of an action that benefits both your blog and the client. For example, ask the reader to comment their opinion on your article, especially if that article is a polarizing topic.

Everyone loves to share their opinion. Specific questions relating to your article are likely to encourage your clients to comment and invest themselves in your blog.

Give your Client an Engaging Experience

Ultimately, read the article as a client and make sure you're not dozing off. If it's not exciting for you to read, it definitely won't be for anyone else. Diversify your articles, keep them engaging and relevant, and your clients will keep coming back for more.

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