How to Use Bookstagram to Grow Your Audience

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It's a classic Instagram image: A girl reading a book by the window as it rains outside. Maybe there's some coffee, and she's probably wearing glasses and thick socks. If you scroll down a little further, you might see a picture of the same book, this time staged with a notebook and some flowers. While it may seem like it's all for a pretty picture, other fans of the book are in the comments, exclaiming how much they love the book, how they're so excited for the author's new release, and the latest debut author taking over the genre.

Enter #bookstagram, the space dedicated to the love and sharing of books.

What can it do for you? Book fans tend to be both ravenous and loyal, and when they like something, they let others know it. They share fan art, buy book-themed candles, and recommend other Instagram users to one another. In sharing your favorite or most recent reads, you could be making connections across audiences that were seemingly unreachable before.

Getting started can be as complex as staging a book with props and fancy cameras or as simple as posting the cover. While many in the community appreciate an aesthetic page, others enjoy a more natural reading environment. Personal touches make all the difference, so include pets, kids, or your favorite snack. Inexpensive props can help you take some of the best photos, so gather your pens, mugs, feathers, lights, confetti, and so on.

As for the caption, write what you think of the book so far (no spoilers!) or ask your followers a question. Once you incite the conversation, be a part of it. Genuine interaction builds relationships within the community. If you establish yourself as a trusted and active member within bookstagram, you may be pleasantly surprised by the results.

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