How To Stop Doug’s Mistake And Save Your Network

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Did you know your browser is the point of attack cyberthieves love most? That's because it makes you and your company vulnerable in a bunch of different ways. Today, we're learning about one of them thanks to "Doug," your hypothetical employee in Customer Service... It's a little after 4 o'clock and Doug notices the traffic outside. Doug grumbles to himself about the long vanpool ride home and how he ran out of stuff to read on yesterday's commute. Then Doug remembers his sister told him about a nifty browser extension. It pushes news stories from his desktop browser to his smart phone. Doug installs the extension on Chrome, tests it out on an Esquire article ("Legwear Trends That Just Might Make You Handsome"), and gets back to working in SalesForce. Doug's feeling smug about all the cool pants-related news he'll read on his evening ride. Little does he know he just exposed your company to a devastating cyberattack. Smooth move, Doug. The browser extension Doug installed (and thousands of others with flawed code) invites a hacker to view his browser cookies, take screenshots, and learn Doug's user ID and password for SalesForce. The moment Doug logs on to your network, a cyber-thief will start looting your data. The good news is we've created a way to protect your network from evil hackers and employee missteps like Doug's. We moved the browser off the local computer and into the cloud. We call our secure browser-in-the cloud, Silo. And frankly it's awesome. To your employees, Silo looks just like a regular browser. But unlike the browser that runs on your computer, Silo encrypts and remotely displays every web session, blocking hackers and spies. To fend of data breaches like the one caused by Doug, Silo restricts browser add-ons. Instead, savvy admins like yourself have complete control over widgets from your central command console. Silo also safely stores and auto-fills sensitive passwords for employees so they'll never fall prey to phishing scams. Plus, when an employee's browser session ends, Silo disposes itself so malicious code that's eyeing your network has nowhere to hide. Silo does a whole lot more, too. It customizes permissions, makes data loss prevention easy-peasy, and blocks non-authorized users who manage to get their hands on your worker's device. Next time, offer a helping hand to Doug. After all, he's just being the best "Doug" he can be. Once you give him a secure, cloud-based browser at work, maybe he'll be an even better "Doug." Same goes for everyone else on your team who makes security mistakes. We'll highlight them and their missteps, starting with "Janine" and the dangers of hotel Wi-Fi... Sign up to learn about Janine's faux pas and the best way to defend against all your browser vulnerabilities.

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