How to Recover Data from Crashed Internal and External Hard Drive?

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Losing data can be really painful and may cost much more than just the cost of the hard drive, and we all have had that experience at some point in time. Whether losing important work related files on your office PC or discovering all your photos gone from your laptop, we have noticed being a computer service Paterson company that it is only after losing data you regret not using some sort of backup for it.

Can you avoid a Hard Drive Crash?

As brutal as it may sound, but with our decades of experience at Micro Center, one thing we can tell you for sure is the fact that no machine or part of a machine can be 100% guaranteed to not fail or malfunction at some stage in its lifespan, and so is the case with Hard Drives. Most data recovery Paterson companies would blame it on viruses or an attack from a malicious website, download or an external source, however over 60% hard drive failure cases we see are of simple wearing out of the drive because of regressive usage, ageing or an unexpected power input issue. Still, here are a few checks that will help you delay the inevitable as much as you can -:

  • Always, always use a power backup, and avoid unexpected shutdowns.
  • Keep rotating data in your hard drive, i.e. to get rid of the old unwanted data as frequently as you can.
  • Keep as few video files as possible. Regularly dump them onto a cloud or delete them once you are done watching them.
  • Use a good antivirus, anti-malware software, and never go unchecked for even a day.
  • If warned by your PC browser or the anti-virus software for a website, download, or install, DO NOT proceed with it.
  • Do not format your hard drive or a partition of it, unless you are 100% sure about what you are doing, and have checked the data in every folder in it multiple times.

Data Recovery Tools & Software

There are a lot of data recovery tools and software available on the internet that you can try to recover your files with. Many of these software and tools are designed to serve a specific purpose such as deleted photo recovery , and you will have to do your own research a bit to find the best one that fits your current requirement.


Wise Data Recovery - This Windows only, free to use software is relatively easy to use with a neat & clean interface, and a search option for specific file in the hard drive or a partition of the drive. Compatible with all version of Windows after XP, you can surely give it a try to recover files that you permanently deleted, however, this software might not be able to help you with a completely crashed hard drive.


Test Disc and PhotoRec - This command line tool without an actual interface may be a little tough to use for a normal, not so tech-savvy user. Test Disc and PhotoRec can help you with crashed and corrupted hard drives, but you will have to possess some technical prowess to be able to use it through the command line (CMD) to access partitions of the hard drive and recover data.

There are many other tools worth mentioning here, however since this article is not only about these software, let us address a question most people get stuck at, i.e. whether to hire a professional data recovery Paterson company or try to do it yourself?

DIY or Hire an Onsite Data Recovery Company?

We are surely living in the "Do IT Yourself" age of the internet and with little research, one can find ways to do almost everything online, from making a mouth watering Japanese dish at home to creating a prototype of an airplane, however trying to recover data is definitely a different ball game altogether. Let's see how -:

  • You need to have the necessary tools (lab) setup at home/office.
  • You need to be tech savvy and have if not in-depth, but at least working knowledge of computer hardware.
  • You should have ample amount of time in your hands to be able to first read, research, apply and then improvise in case things don't work in the first go.

Whether you are a small company with 5 computers in the office, or a soccer mom with a laptop that you use to Vlog these days, the real question is – are you willing to take the risk of trying to do it yourself? Won't it always be a better choice to hire a professional onsite data recovery Paterson company to do something that might not only waste your time but also a lot of money that could otherwise be put to better use.

If you google the search term "Data Recovery Services Paterson" you will probably get to see a lot of companies claiming to offer such services in the area, however with more than 25 service centers in the country, we safely boast of providing unparalleled quality of service at highly affordable prices. Whether you've lost your data recently and looking for a company to help you out, or if you are looking for a technology partner whom you can rely upon for all your office computers, Gillware in collaboration with Micro Center would be a very wise decision, both for your computers and your pocket.

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