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After working for a few years at a third-party money manager, I became restless. I wanted to help people with their finances but I didn't feel like I was making an impact in my current role. I went to upper management and expressed my interested in producing content for our clients. I felt like this would be a great outlet for us to relate and build better relationships with them. I was turned down almost immediately, and right then was the moment I knew in my heart there had to be another option. This was when I decided to create Money Gravity. A site that would help people, like me, take control of their finances with a support group to rely on.

The other realization I had was that if I wanted to have ultimate freedom, I couldn't continue working for my current company. They weren't giving me an outlet and I was spending 40 hours per week in an office. I knew that I needed to work remotely, which would provide me the flexibility to work on my blog. It took me about 3 months to find another income opportunity to support my blog and give me the ultimate freedom to pursue my dreams. With a little preparation, persistence, and consistency, I was able to completely change my career path. You can too!

Reflect on your current situation

In order for me to take a leap of faith, I needed to reflect on my current situation. What was making me unhappy or holding me back from reaching my full potential? I felt as though I was trapped. I had all of these ideas but no one at my company supported or entertained them. Take a moment to determine if you are truly satisfied in your current role. Do you feel energized when you go to work? Most people spend most of their lives working for a job they are just content with. This doesn't have to be you.

Visualize your dream job

This may sound silly to you, but you need to completely understand what your dream job would entail. Don't limit your imagination. If you are not looking for a job and want to start your own business, what would that look like to you? Do you need a job to support you while you build your business? There are a lot of different directions you can go with this. Define what is the perfect fit for you and your goals. Here are a few things to consider when painting a picture of your dream job or business:


Do you want to travel?


Do you want to work with people or would you like to work alone?


Do you want to be your own boss?


What benefits would you like to have? This could include health care or perks for working with this company.


What are some core values you want your company to have?

Determine your non-negotiables

You need to understand what your most important attributes are of a job. For me, it was the ability to be free to travel and work remotely. I wanted my employer to trust me enough to get the job done, even if I was across the world. For you, it may be the opportunity for growth or the flexibility to work half days on Fridays during the summer. Many companies have different perks for working with them. Decide what is the most important thing for you.

Hire a career coach

If there is one thing you can do to truly accelerate your career, it is hiring a career coach. No one teaches you how to write a resume or how to answer interview questions. You can read every article out there but a career coach will truly set you apart from the rest. A career coach can help tailor your resume and voice to the job you are trying to get.

Cater your resume to every job you apply for

If you are unable to afford or find a career coach that can help you edit your resume, make sure you cater every resume you send out to the job you are applying for. Use the verbiage they use on the job posting and try to mimic some of the responsibilities you will be in charge of. By doing this your future employer may envision you in this role. Since you already have the experience, you may be the perfect fit.

Follow up

During your job search, you will probably apply for countless jobs. It is important to keep track of your application submissions and follow up in a timely manner. This not only shows the company that you are serious about the position but it is good practice for when the right employer does come along. You want to prove to them that you are greatly appreciative of the opportunity to work with them and you are a great fit for the position. You can add great value to them. Remember that.

Be consistent

The entire job hunting process is extremely frustrating and it can be easy to become discouraged from time to time. Even after one month of searching I was worn out and thought I would never make a career switch. I felt like I was stuck at my current employer forever!!! If you feel this way you are not alone. Be consistent and keep going. You will find the perfect job. Keeping your end goal in mind can help you achieve anything. Every day I visualize what it would be like to be on the beach working and writing my blog. Now my dream has become a reality and yours can too. Don't let the time and effort it takes discourage you from your ultimate career goal.

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From a young age, I have been passionate about finance and figuring out how to share my education with the world. Those passions lead me to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from The University of Cincinnati. I graduated with honors and landed my first job immediately after college. Money Gravity is my personal finance blog to educate young professionals about financial literacy and awareness. My goal is to cultivate an environment where people can learn at their own pace and pass along useful knowledge to their loved ones.
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