How to Invest in Vaporizer Stocks

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Guess what is considered to be one of the fastest-growing industries in the world? Vaping.

Vaporizing is a trend that has taken the smoking community by storm over the last few years and things are far from slowing down. If anything, the vaping industry is heating up, with vaporizer companies expanding both their customer base and product selection.

An alternative method of cannabis consumption involves using these marijuana inhalers, which are electronic devices that can be used on the move for a delicious dose of THC or CBD. The devices function by heating plant matter, rather than combusting the material (like fire does when you spark up a joint). Unlike smoking, vaping is actually claimed to be beneficial for health. With rapidly advancing technologies and the appeal of being able to smoke pretty much anywhere, it is not surprising that the future of vaping looks bright.

What can you do to capitalize on this innovation in cannabis delivery? Well, marijuana legislation is bringing an influx of ganja inventions to the commercial market. By focusing on the stocks that are just as "high" as their users are, your investments could skyrocket.

Types of Vaporizers and Their Growth in the Legal Weed Industry

No worries if you're a novice at investing in vaporizer stocks because we've got you covered. Before we guide you in the direction of profitable green stocks, enlighten yourself on vaporizers and where exactly they stand in the legal weed industry.

First, let's look at the main types of vaporizers:

  • Plant-Based – Medicinal herbs, like marijuana, can be added to the chamber of a plant-based vaporizer. The plant matter will not combust, but the active Cannibinoids and THC will vaporize, leaving the user feeling high.
  • Wax-Based – Cannabis wax concentrate is inhaled into the lungs when the user takes a puff from a wax-based vaporizer.
  • Oil-Based – A healthier high can be enjoyed with oil-infused vaporizers, which ensures the CBD oil's percentage of efficacy is at optimum level.
  • Gas-Powered – Portable and lightweight, these vaporizers are usually powered by butane gas.
  • Discreet – These vaporizers look like something other than a vaping device, be it an asthma pump or a pen.
  • Customized – Many people who vape weed prefer to do so from a device that is customized for their personality, whether it is designed with diamonds or a particular type of graphic design. Personalized devices may also feature a special tank or battery type.
  • Tabletop Style – Larger than handheld devices, a tabletop-style vaporizer is built to last and can sit directly on any desktop.

Many of the industry's highly respected vape manufacturers, such as Namaste Technologies, are witnessing annual growth rates of several hundred percent. Since there is opportunity for introducing upgrades and accessories, there is always room for innovation in the legal weed industry. With innovation comes the opportunity to rake in extra cash. Furthermore, the fact that vape's allow for simple and discrete marijuana consumption means that they appeal to cannabis connoisseurs everywhere.

Money-Making Potential of Legal Cannabis Products

By 2021, the vap market is forecast to hit $32.11 billion in worldwide revenue. This is according to a report conducted by Research and Markets. As people are being educated about what they are putting into their lungs with regular cigarettes, more and more smokers are making the switch to vaporizing. Cannabis is the main market in which vaporizers are experiencing on-going success. Patients can try out various marijuana strains with a vape, without worrying about carcinogenic smoke causing their lungs harm.

Reap What You Sow with These Vaporizer Stocks

Don't let yourself feel overwhelmed by the variety of vaporizer stocks on the market. Sit back, inhale a THC-packed puff of marijuana, and let us guide you through some marijuana stocks with the highest return on investment (ROI):

  1. Vaporizer Stocks: Vector Group (VGR) – If you are familiar with Zoom E-Cigs LLC., you will know that this is an indirect subsidiary of the Vector Group Ltd. This vaporizer stock is trading regularly on the New York Stock Exchange and when compared to other stocks, it is the best performer when things get shaky. As of February 2017, VGR had risen by 11 percent since December of the previous year. Perhaps the greatest appeal of investing in this stock is the fact that it is a credible choice, regardless of what is happening with legislation.
  2. Vaporizer Stocks: Electronic Cigarettes Intl Group (ECIG) – This vaporizer stock was lucky enough to land the ECIG abbreviation, which just adds to its allure for investors in the legal weed game. Smokers who are keen to enjoy a cleaner method of marijuana delivery are drawn towards this vaporizer brand's products.
  3. Vaporizer Stocks: mCig Inc (MCIG) – Remember Vapolution? This vaporizer series was an almighty hit and was praised by the Vapor Authority, which claimed that users could enjoy an erosion-free fresh taste thanks to the Pyrex glass. As marijuana laws are lifting around the United States, new solutions for herbal use are being introduced by mCig Inc. There is major profit potential with this vaporizer stock, which is seeing a spike as attitudes toward marijuana become more relaxed.

Investors are Pouring Money Into Marijuana Vaporizer Devices

It's not just everyday investors who are taking the reins and making a profit from marijuana vaporizers but also, major banks and private funding institutions. Medical cannabis is on the verge of competing with pharmaceuticals and despite being a fairly new market, the legal weed sector is flourishing. Let's face it, vaping is just the beginning! Investors who are serious about their vaping investments ought to trade marijuana stocks with a free stock trading application, such as Robinhood.

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