How to Get Your First 10 Customers

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Problems that you will face when seeking your first 10 customers will be the fact that you a) have no experience with selling, b) are unaware of who you are selling to and finally, C) are unsure of what you are selling. Finding solutions can be difficult and may involve learning the hard way. Fortunately, there are ways to overcome these hurdles. Below are some tips on contacting and landing your first customers:

· Define Your Product

Define it by considering its value to your potential customers. Your product may change over time, but you should always have a definition for what you are offering.

· Identify Prospects

Before you start marketing, learn exactly who your prospective customers are. Start with a hypothesis about the kind of person who would be interested in your product, find people who fit the bill of your hypothetical customer and make contact. Online communities and forums related to your product are excellent tools for learning about and interacting with potential customers.

· Promote Your Brand

This may mean using an online campaign via social media and email. Another option is to make your opening an event with a gathering at your location. This allows potential customers to see your place of business. You get to make a solid impression while ensuring that they remember where to find you.

Following these tips will not guarantee your first customers; however, they can put you on the right path. Many of the most successful companies have used these methods and similar ones to rise above competition and dominate their industry.

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