How to Declutter Your Home

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Decluttering a home is a journey of self-love, self-discovery, and change because it requires one to put themselves and their homes in order. During this process, you will find clarity about yourself, your taste, and your life goals. Studies show that decluttering can reduce stress, anxiety, and help you get better sleep. People often find that they are more energized, productive, and creative once they have cleared their space from excess. It is also good for the reduction of waste, allergens, and toxins.

The first step in decluttering is to define your reason why. Is it for peace of mind, a sense of freedom or order? Is there a way you want the environment in your home to feel? Picture the space you desire and the person you want to be; picture what decluttering your home will help you accomplish. Once you define your reason, keep it at the forefront of your mind throughout your decluttering process, especially when it gets overwhelming, or when you feel discouraged.

Next, you must establish how you will accomplish the decluttering of your home. Here are a couple of general ways to declutter your home or space:

  1. Hire a professional. There are trained professionals who help people sort through their belongings to create a space that allows them to breathe more easily. This option is suitable for those who are busy, overwhelmed, and need accountability. Professional organizers range in prices and methodology; feel free to contact them to talk about your decluttering goals. Pick the one that fits you best.
  2. Just go for it. Most professional organizers suggest that you go through sections of your house or sections of your belongings (clothes, books, etc.) When you pick up an item, ask yourself if you need it, and if it makes you happy, and whether it fits the lifestyle, you aspire to have. Don't be burdened by any emotional attachments to them.

Make a plan for the proper disposal of the objects you no longer want or need (recycle and donate them correctly). Commit to the process until the end and let it take you where it needs to take you; it will positively impact you and those around you. Lastly, make a system for future clutter prevention like acquiring better spending habits, communicating with family and friends about better gift-giving practices, and saying no to free things and sales.

Take pride in owning less. Decluttering requires a bit of time and energy in the beginning but afterward requires little to no upkeep as long as you did the job right. Methods for maintaining a decluttered lifestyle are simple: make sure everything has its place and have periodic check-ups at your discretion. Decluttering is a journey worth taking.

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