How Small Businesses Can Create a Community on Mobile Devices

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Having a mobile marketing presence has seen increasing importance with the increase in usage of mobile devices. Check out these effective ways to engage mobile users. Statistics show us that 84 percent of small businesses have increased their customer activity by exploring the mobile marketplace and that by 2020, 2.5 million smartphones will be in use worldwide. Despite the knowledge of what mobile marketing can do, small business leaders are often unsure of how to cultivate an online community. There are three important aspects to creating a productive mobile marketing scheme: a mobile-friendly website, searchability and customer outreach. Websites created for home computers are not the same as mobile websites; the former are bulkier and difficult to use with a smartphone. Searchability, like traditional websites, relies on SEO, and customer outreach can be largely achieved through the use of social media.

Mobile Website Design and SEO

The components fit on the screen of your smartphone perfectly, and browsing is easy and straightforward. Contently has a much larger customer potential because of its great website and use of mobile SEO. Its mobile site is not poorly designed and does not lack key phrases. Don't forget to optimize your mobile site for keyword and phrase searches! If you have a mobile-responsive or dynamic website, you need not worry about redoing your SEO work. If, however, you have a mobile site that is hosted separately, you have to go through the same process as you did with your original website. Without keywords, no search engine will find your site or think it is worth sharing with its users.

Social Media and Apps

Up to 80 percent of Facebook and Twitter users access their pages via a mobile device, which makes social media an ideal spot for cultivating a larger client and follower base. The trick is not to spend too much time advertising or pushing products; social media users want to see clever photos, read funny content and join the conversation. Be engaging, like The Dolphin Pub, so that people are drawn to your social media page and eventually your website. One more thing that small businesses can do to create a dynamic mobile community is create an app. An app is not the same thing as a mobile website: it is a program one downloads to his or her phone. When people download your app, you can keep in touch by sending them message notifications, news stories, coupons or anything you like. Remember to be engaging, as with your social media accounts, so customers feel that your app is worth their attention. Like Bridget Randolph from The Moz Blog says, "It's about conversation, not broadcast." Photo Credit: Business 2 Community.

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