How private cloud storage can be more reliable than public cloud storage

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Why is a private cloud storage solution better for your business than public cloud storage? One of the frequently cited reasons is reliability, but you may wonder exactly what that means. Here are two specific ways in which private cloud storage can prove more reliable than public cloud storage.

  1. Public cloud servers are often situated around the country in an effort to minimize failure during any one destructive event. However, this also means the servers encounter more hostile environments and storms overall. A private cloud won't render you susceptible to a natural disaster in another part of the country, but a public cloud might.

  2. A public cloud, because it's hosted remotely, has more points of possible failure than a private cloud. For example, internet or power failures in two separate locations (yours or the server's) have the potential to cause costly downtime for your business. A private cloud can only suffer internet failure if your business suffers a failure, which effectually halves your chances of this expensive problem.

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