How Expert Basement Waterproofing Can Save Your Foundation

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How Expert Basement Waterproofing Can Save Your Foundation

It is Minnesota so Winter is already upon us. That means soon the wind will be howling and the snow blowing and burying your front and backyards in the white stuff. Now, we are happy to offer our customers snow removal any time they need it, but there is a greater problem to consider: excess water.


Creating an enviable landscape requires a lot of Earth moved and usually a lot of flowers planeted. Those flowers need a lot of water of course to grow. With many different flower beds possible for a single lawn, that is gallons of water moving around. That also means gallons of excess water being spilled into the soil and that water can head straight for the foundation.


Lawns look better with fountains. They provide a sense of relaxation to any homeowner and visitor. Beyond fountains, there are the man-made creeks and babbling brooks that are just as foundational to a waterscape as a flower bed is to a landscape. Those fountains, brooks and creeks all use voluminou water sources. Just as with the landscapes, those waterscapes leak water like buckets. Winds will cause the creeks to spill over to say nothing of the bird-baths. The bird baths are probably the worst culprit of them all for puddles and excess water. All that water is a foundational hazard.

Old Man Winter

Aside from normal spillage that takes place throughout the year, the snows of winter add volumes of condensed water to the other sources. That water will eventually melt directly into the landscape itself or create puddles throughoutt the landscape in the Spring. That excess water is a tsunami waiting for a windstorm that will head straight for the basement of the home if it is not redirected.

Basement Waterproofing

We enjoy creating the magic listed above. Turning a simple lawn into a homeowner's private palatial estate is what we do. But we are also acutely aware of the potential problem that servicing that estate with all that water presents.

So, to protect the asset, the home itself, by preventing any infiltration of excess water into your basement, we employ 5 different grading and drainage systems to protect customer homes with every job we do to ensure those snows are kept out of your home.

· Re-grading the lawn. We re-level your lawn to redirect any excess water away from your home. This includes homes on or with large hills. That means a lot of earth moved and redistributed, but you will like the end result and no water will enter the foundation of the home.

· French Drains. They are ornamental on top of your lawn but workhorses redirecting the water beneath it. The rocks and pebbles filter the water down to the underlying pipes which move it away from the home.

· Catch Basins. These are most familiar. They are placed throughout the lawn with pipes below redirecting the water flow.

· Rain Gardens. These are delightfully deceiving. They are gardens in man-made holes. You and your neighbors see a gorgeous garden, but the garden acts like a water conservator draining excess water into pipes for reuse.

· Dry Creek Beds. These are beautified sloughs built into your landscape to look like a creek runs through it. The stones are especially chosen to create a peaceful sensation and move the water to its proper destination.

Saving Foundations While Beautifying Lawns

That is our mission every day. By using the grading and drainage techniques listed above, we move the water away from your basement and foundation and keep the home safe and secure. The good people of the Twin Cities region get the best lawns in the state all the while protecting their properties from unnecessary and unexpected damage. Their property looks great, its value rises, and we have provided the service we promised. That is why we do this.

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