Hot Pepper Wholesaler

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Born from the blazes of hell and baptized in the Earth's core. It darkens hearts with blisters of volcanic ash, sears faith into souls of nonbelievers, and tattoos tongues of those who merely speak its name. The Carolina Reaper sears a fiery doom for those daring to cross it. Fools bold enough to doubt its legend must consult its handler: Fictional Co.

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Michael Adelizzi
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Offering a colorful mix of industry and purpose, Michael's professional experience exhibits a true range of dexterity. Trained with a degree in philosophy and driven by the necessity for self-improvement, he has crafted and polished his ability to articulate brand voice, parse detail, and deliver crisp, engaging content within tight deadlines. From producing employee handbooks to company blog posts and marketing copy, Michael's creative, analytical insight will prove an ideal fit for your audience. Learn more about Michael and his work @
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