HIPPA Policy

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Company ABC is committed to excellent customer service in all areas. It is vital that our employees remain up-to-date on quality control issues.

The following policy is to ensure our team members comply with the highest standard of care in the health field. · All employees must sign the HIPPA privacy information act upon hire. · All employees shall conduct themselves with self-control and show respect to all our customers and patients regardless of race, religion, gender, nationality, or military service. · No smoking is allowed by employees, customers, patients, or vendors on ABC property. · All employees are to dress in a manner appropriate for their department. See the "Dress Code" section of the policy manual for more information. · ABC employees may not remove property of ABC from the premises for personal use without prior, written permission from the department head.

Failure to comply with the above policy may result in the employee's termination from ABC Company.

Bethany P

Connersville, Indiana, United States •

I’m a certified medical transcriptionist with 15 years experience in precision, careful attention to detail, and hitting deadlines. My specialties in this field are psychology, gastroenterology, and general medicine. I’ve worked in our local hospital’s human resource department on file management, data entry, and editing/proofreading business policy manuals. Prior to this, I was an adolescent and geriatric mental health technician. I’ve also worked in hospital and retail pharmacies. I have enjoyed our home school adventure for the last 14 years. I've created much of our curriculum from scratch to meet each child’s needs. I’ve also developed and taught classes for our home school group and church across all ages. This is great fun because, usually, other people’s children behave better for me than my own. {grin}

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