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Health is Wealth We are aware of the famous adage "Health is Wealth". By health we not only mean the absence of physical dilemma but health is a state of mental, physical and social well-being in a person. Loss of health results in unhappiness. Thus health is your true fortune and not the materialistic wealth that you own! While a rich man can afford many luxuries in life he can enjoy the pleasures only if he is hale and hearty. Good health is Important Good health is more than a blessing in your life. Else life becomes a miserable burden. Good health is vital because only a healthy person can put through hard work in a short spell of time. Thus working hard he leaves nothing unfinished. If he is a student, he shines in his studies. If he is an employee, he renders valuable service to his company and gets rightly rewarded. Generally a hard working farmer enjoys excellent health. When you have a sound body you are blessed with a cheerful temper and go about your daily routine with utmost joy. You find vigor and vitality to do your job with ease. You relish food that you eat and can feel life in every muscle. You go about your life's journey with immense joy. It is not possible for you to maintain good health or fitness without proper exercise. Since prevention is better than cure, the best means of shielding your body against diseases is to exercise. Once your body becomes weak in health you often become prey to many diseases. So exercise and remain fit both physically and mentally. Different Forms of Exercises to remain Healthy and Fit Different exercises suit different people and usually depend on their body constituencies. However the most common forms of exercises that are always recommended and also carried out by most people these days are: • Morning walk: This is the most common form of exercise and is suited to almost all of us. • Free-hand exercises: This form of exercise is also quite common and can be easily practiced by any individual. • Gymnastic exercises: These are best performed under some sort of guidance from an experienced teacher. To one with a weak body constituency, performing gymnastics may bring physical harm and injuries. • Yoga and Meditation: These help you to control both your mind and body. Thus, good health is a priceless blessing and very vital to your life.

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