Guest Speaker Speech, Surprise Valley High School, 2019

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Ladies and gentlemen, it is a pleasure to be talking with you as the guest speaker for the 2019 senior class.

Senior class, it is a pleasure to know you. Please let me say that I have enjoyed so many of our conversations, and I'm going to miss those, but right here, right now, this conversation is feeling a bit one-sided.

Once, a long time ago, maybe twenty or thirty years ago when I was just a little boy, it was near the end of my sixth-grade year, and I was working on a life story project. After reading to my mom a series of all of my wonderful qualities, she told me to add, "But most of all, I'm humble." The moral of this story is "listen to your parents." By listening to my mom, I was able to write the best sixth-grade life story project, ever. That, my dad would say, that and four dollars might get you a cup of coffee down at the local diner.

As you are paying attention to this brief narrative, it has quickly become apparent that I am much too young to be sharing words of wisdom. In truth, I've only been in the salt mines long enough to get salty, not long enough to get wise.

Since it's clear that I'm not old enough to be wise, let me share a good one I got from my grandpa: "Whatever you do, aim to be the best at it." I'm paraphrasing. Originally, there was something in there about digging ditches. All I can say folks is that being the best takes work. Ladies and gentlemen, these students know about work. Every day that they show up proves to me that they are the best, and I'm grateful to you all for coming this evening to recognize their achievement.

Students, I want to say that I am so proud of each of you, and I want to say a special thank you to one-third of our high school rock band, our Youth For Understanding Foreign Exchange Students. Thank you for being brave and venturing out into the world. You seem to be living a dream that many of us wish for our own children. You have made a difference in our lives, and I thank you also, most respectfully, if I may, on behalf of all of us gathered here tonight.

Students, the only thing I can recommend is that you follow the truth or that you make the truth. Let this be an invitation to each of you to continue this conversation. There are so many ways open before each of you, and I hope to hear about your adventures. At least one of them will have happened here, and I will always be happy to say that I knew you.

Thank you ladies and gentlemen, and thank you class of 2019.

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David Schulz
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