Four Simple Style Tips for Busy Women

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Whomever said you had to stock up on outfits or spend a lot of money on them was mistaken. You can have a fantastic wardrobe without going on a huge shopping spree. How, you may be asking? We will tell you. Listed below are four simple style tips for busy women everywhere. Please continue reading.

Tip number one is to have just a few basic outfits in your favorite colors. Make sure that the colors you pick also compliment your skin tone as well as your hair and eye coloring. An attractive yet modest blazer that you can wear either with a skirt or a pair of jeans will do the trick every time. The different outfit combinations you can create with that should also be easy to enhance with various accessories.

That brings us to tip number two. That is, every woman should own at least one pair of neat, not faded, well-fitted denim jeans. They can come in an array of colors but should always be appropriately styled for business purposes. Although some people consider them to be in-style, avoid the ripped jeans; at least for a business or more formal setting. We cannot stress enough the importance of their fit. They should not be baggy, nor too tight. Again, they should always reflect a business-casual style. If you follow our advice you will look smashing.

Our third tip is to have an assortment of stylish flats. You must learn to embrace these as they are far more comfortable than shoes with high heels. Your choices can include flats with pointed toes, animal prints, strappy details, and even an attractive pair of pointed ankle boots. Flats are most definitely in style now, so you will not appear out of place by wearing them.

The fourth tip that we have for you is our most important one. Do not forget your accessories! When you wear the correct accessories with your outfit you will truly shine. The proper bag, suitably-stacked rings, and an elegant pair of earrings add just the right finishing touch to your outfit for the occasion you are going to; whether that is to the office or a glamorous evening out. When you have the right accessories it can make even the most simple outfit look chic and beautiful.

Speaking of accessories, did you know that 5th Avenue Style has style boxes just for you? We know how busy your life can be and how difficult it can be to purchase accessories for yourself. Leave all that to us. In our style boxes you will receive accessories and jewelry curated for you by New York City stylists based on what YOUR preferences are. Plus, for an extra $20 you can have your style boxes be coordinated. Then all you need to do is open your box and put on your accessories. Our service will save you plenty of both money and time.

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