Forget “Superfoods”—Focus on REAL Food

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The current focus on so-called “superfoods” gives us a false sense of nutritional security. It suggests that adding a handful of these to our daily meals is all we need to do. The fact is that adding one or two—or even half a dozen—of these “superfoods” to your diet isn’t going to magically make you healthy.

Blueberries are great. And eating them can add a serious nutritional boost to your diet. However, if you add them to a high-carb, nutrient-poor, gmo-laden bowl of breakfast cereal, you’re not doing your health any favors. And while kale really is super-nutritious, if you serve it as a side with tuna casserole or a big dish of pasta, any benefit it has will be outweighed by the rest of the meal.

Instead of rushing out to buy the latest “superfood,” we should be looking at our diet as a whole and asking ourselves, “Am I eating real food?” A famous chef once said, “Real food doesn’t have ingredients. Real food is ingredients.” This should be the basis of any healthy diet. Every “real” food is a superfood in some way. The “superfood” label, on the other hand?

Pure marketing hype.

Linda E.

Linda E.

Springfield, Missouri, United States

Linda is a licensed massage therapist turned full-time writer with an avid interest in everything science-related. Her primary focus is on health and wellness, and she writes regularly for clients as diverse as orthopedic surgeons, chiropractors, Crossfit communities, and nutr...

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