Food, Shopping, and Excitement in an Asian Treasure City

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Food, Shopping, and Excitement in an Asian Treasure City

Looking for a fun, exotic, and affordable city to visit? Great! I'll tell you about my favorite city for travel, Bangkok, Thailand. Thailand, located in Southeast Asia, is known as the Land of Smiles. It certainly does live up to its name with its warm friendly people and for that reason you are guaranteed to have a great time. Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, is a huge bustling metropolis with over 8 million people. There is always something to do and always something to eat! If you are a Foodie or like to try international cuisine, then you will not be disappointed when traveling to Bangkok. In the huge international city you can find different kinds of Thai dishes and desserts. And because it is one of the most visited cities you will find food from all over Asia including Japan, China, Korea and from other regions like Europe and the Middle East. Finding American food is no problem there, in fact you will find some of the most popular American fast food and pizza chains in Bangkok.

If shopping is your thing you will have a variety of options. The malls are 5 to 8 story buildings with international stores and high-end brands. While at the luxury Siam Paragon Mall go to the movie theater for an upscale treat. When you're done stop at one of the many high end designer stores like Louis Vuitton or head over to one of the luxury indoor car dealers.

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