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"The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo", written by Steig Larsson, takes a closer look at the high levels of abuse of women in Sweden. Unfortunately, the corruptness of the government creates an environment that continues to allow this ongoing violence. The main character, Lisbeth Salander, is quite familiar with the deep wounds left behind by violent men. Her job as a computer hacker, who works in the private investigation division of Milton Security, only enhances her unorthodox personality. In addition to her short hair, tattoos and piercings, Salander seems to have some psychological problems. The abuse once experienced by Salander shapes her character and explains her distaste for most men. During her review of Mikael Blomkovist, a journalist, she finds that he is a good journalist and subsequently paints him in a positive light rather than from a negative point of view as she typically does other men whom which she reviews. The novel is both a thrilling read and an interesting take on how the past can have a significant impact on one's attitudes and behaviors throughout their entire life. Larsson's style of writing in "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" enables the reader to gain a clear understanding of each character as well as the underlying meaning behind each event that takes place throughout the novel.

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