Employee Problems at Dog Rescue Center without Work Order Software

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There is a popular show on Animal Planet called, Pit Bulls and Parolees. What this facility does is rescue Pit Bulls and other dogs and try to adopt them out. They use parolees as their help and everyone works together to ensure a happy and healthy environment for the dogs, and sometimes other animals that are rescued.

In the case of the Villalobos Rescue Center, located in New Orleans, the facility depends on its employees. There have been times where an employee was either late on a regular basis or didn't show up at all and that hurts the upkeep of the facility, just as it does in any other facility, especially those that are maintenance related. The animals still have to be fed, given water, their pens have to be cleaned, and yes, they have their own maintenance workers there that help do these tasks. When someone doesn't show up or is late then it affects the entire organization. The same can be said about any facility and those without work order software struggle more than most.

Employee No-Shows

When you have employees that are continually late or a no-show, you can obviously fire them but this doesn't help you out immediately because you're still shorthanded until you hire someone else to fill their spot.

How Work Order Software can help is that it allows you to schedule everything that has to be done in order for the facility to run properly. Whether it's preventative maintenance at a hotel or machine maintenance at a production facility, by having software that allows you to create work orders, the job can go to someone else but you won't have to rearrange your entire system of notes simply because someone isn't there or is late. You may still be shorthanded but the work can be more easily set up for someone else since everything is done through the system.


Also, with preventative maintenance you set it up far in advance so that even if someone doesn't show up, the preventative maintenance doesn't get forgotten simply because the person who was scheduled wasn't there to complete it.

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While Villalobos Rescue Center depends on donations in order to run their facility, a good investment for any Maintenance Facility is to invest in Maintenance Work Order Software. It not only makes life easier but the facility won't suffer as much when someone isn't there and you'll find it easier to stay organized.

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