Email Copywriting Sample (Modern & Upbeat)

A Scripted Freelance Writer Writing Sample

Hey there, [RECIPIENT].

My name is [YOUR NAME], and I love the work that you do. I'm writing to you today to share with you a little about my new project, [PROJECT NAME] – a brand-new 'freemium' fitness app that is going to improve the fitness industry for consumers and producers alike.

CNQR is out to disrupt the fitness industry.

For consumers, it will be for fitness what Netflix is for media. Our users enjoy a fitness experience that is personalized, accessible, and life-enriching. Gone will be the days of being lost or confused at the gym! Instead, users will be able to find and choose the perfect fitness plans for their needs, designed by real-life fitness inspirations like yourself.

And on the other end of the industry, there's you. [RECIPIENT], I'd love to work collaboratively with you to expand your digital reach and help you effectively monetize the content you spend so much time and effort creating.

Here's how [PROJECT NAME] works in three easy steps:


Individuals like yourself (I call them [PROJECT NAME] Icons!) work alongside [PROJECT NAME] to develop informative programs that will help our audience improve both their fitness journey and their life. In your case, that will mean providing programs in [INSERT EXPERTISE. E.g. bodybuilding/MMA/personal branding].


[PROJECT NAME] will assist you with your marketing, branding, website management, and program sales by providing the expertise that these elements of business entail. It has a global audience, so your programs will reach people from all over the world.


You'll earn 50% of all of your program's sales. Also, you'll get an additional bonus every time a friend you recommend as an Icon succeeds in coming on-board.

That's it!

[RECIPIENT], you're a great fit for the platform, as you so fully embody its core identity of empowering people through fitness. A select few like you, such as Bollywood superstar Amy Jackson, and fitness model Whitney Johns of 'Fit with Whit', have already come on-board.

If we work together, [PROJECT NAME]'s unique platform has the power to get your work the international audience that it deserves. In addition, it provides a chance for you to increase the earning potential of your passion for fitness, all while also relieving you of the weight of the nitty-gritty, boring, work of administrating and marketing your business.

If you have any questions, or would like to find out more about how [PROJECT NAME] is going to take the fitness industry by storm, just shoot me an email! I'd love to chat.

Keep rocking on, [YOUR NAME]

Faith L

London, England, United Kingdom •

Graduate from the University of Oxford and London School of Economics. An experienced writer with almost 4-years of experience in copywriting, article writing, business writing, and social media writing. I also proofread all sorts of writing, with a particular speciality in academic writing. If you'd like to see samples of my work, please get in touch, and I will happily provide some.

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